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Small Portable Concrete Pumps for Sale

Small concrete pumps, also known as small portable concrete pumps, provide efficient concrete pouring, reduce labor intensity and increase work efficiency. Learn about the types, advantages and prices of small concrete pumps and choose the one that suits you better.
2023-09-28 14:51

ZOOMJO Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Shipped To Kazakhstan

The flexibility and efficiency of the ZC3.5 self-loading concrete mixer have made it popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also exported all over the world, providing reliable solutions for the construction industry in different countries.
2023-09-28 10:17

Small Concrete Mixer for Sale - Mini Cement Mixer Machines

ZOOMJO specializes in manufacturing various kinds of small concrete mixers, which are widely used in small construction projects. It has the advantages of simple operation, easy to move, and the parameters fully meet the needs of small-scale construction.
2023-09-27 16:12

China Ready Mix Concrete Plant - RMC Concrete batch Plant Price

Ready-mixed concrete plant is not only widely used in bridges, electric power and other large-scale projects, but also plays a key role in municipal construction, etc. ZOOMJO ready-mixed concrete plant is highly mechanized, large capacity, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can produce a variety of concrete to meet the different needs of construction projects.
2023-09-27 11:18

Self-Loading Mixer - Automated Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

ZOOMJO self loading concrete mixers are fully automated and have a 270-degree rotating discharge to ensure uniformity in the mixing process. These mixers are ideal for small to medium sized projects, reducing construction costs.
2023-09-26 17:15

Self Loading Concrete Mixers Machine/Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

ZOOMJO a leading China self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer, offers a diverse range of high-quality self-loading concrete mixer trucks in various specifications, including 1.2m³, 1.8m³, 2.6m³, 3.5m³, 4m³, 5.5m³, and 6.5m³, all at competitive prices.
2023-09-26 15:00

What is Dry Mortar Mix Plant?

This paper describes in detail the composition and working principle of dry mortar production line, including elevator, batching system, mixing system, packaging system and so on. And compared the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dry mortar production line.
2023-09-25 16:17

Dry Mortar Mixing Plant for Sale

Choose efficient dry mortar mixing equipment for building construction to improve the efficiency of your project.ZOOMJO, as a manufacturer of dry mortar equipment, offers a wide range of equipment types for different investment budgets.
2023-09-25 11:17

Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer with Lift Hopper

ZOOMJO's reverse drum concrete mixers offer a versatile solution for small ready-mix concrete applications. Our concrete mixers are available in diesel or electric power options to meet your specific needs!
2023-09-23 15:17
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