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Common Concrete Pumping Equipments

2023-08-10 15:20

What is concrete pumping equipment?

Concrete pumping equipment is a key piece of machinery and equipment used to transport pre-mixed concrete mix to the construction site. It can continuously and uninterruptedly deliver concrete into the formwork, and is an indispensable equipment in the construction of large-scale projects such as high-rise buildings and bridges.

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The main role of concrete pumping equipment is to transport concrete from one place to another in a high-pressure manner, thus avoiding the tedious process of traditional manual handling, reducing labor intensity, and significantly reducing the time required for construction. Whether it is high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels or water conservancy projects and other types of projects, concrete pumping equipment has been widely used. Compared with traditional construction methods, concrete pumping equipment has obvious advantages.

Concrete pumping equipment is not only able to efficiently transport concrete, ensure the uniformity and stability of concrete, thus improving the overall quality of the project. In addition, it also has the ability to move flexibly in the construction site, can adapt to the construction needs of different locations, thus reducing the waste of resources in the construction process. In addition, concrete pumping equipment can also significantly reduce labor costs and construction period, thus saving the overall construction costs.

Common concrete pumping equipment mainly includes the following categories.

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pumps, also known as line pumps or trailer-mounted concrete pumps, are a type of trailer-mounted concrete pumping equipment. Trailer-mounted concrete pumps require a steel or flexible concrete hose to be manually connected to the pump's outlet in order to deliver concrete to the job site. Hose lengths vary by diameter, with typical lengths including 10 feet, 12.5 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet. Because of their small size, trailer-mounted pumps are primarily used for small concrete pours such as swimming pools, sidewalks, concrete floors in single-family homes, and most slab-on-grade work.

Electric Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps are capable of delivering concrete with aggregate sizes of up to 4 cm, with displacements ranging from 24 cubic meters per hour to 100 cubic meters per hour. Trailer concrete pumps can transport concrete up to 100 meters vertically and over 500 meters horizontally. These concrete pumps are particularly suited to small construction projects, and their portability and affordability allow them to be used in tight construction spaces for pumping operations.

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump is a kind of engineering equipment integrating concrete mixing and conveying, which combines the functions of drum mixer and concrete pump, and can be used for conveying concrete with large aggregate, fine concrete or mortar, especially suitable for projects with small construction volume and frequent switching between different construction sites. The working principle is to mix cement, sand, aggregate and other concrete raw materials in the mixing system, and then send the prepared concrete directly to the construction site through the pumping system. Concrete mixing pump is mainly composed of three parts: mixing system, pumping system and electric control system. In building construction, road paving, bridge construction and other scenes that require a large amount of concrete, the application of concrete mixing pump can save a lot of manual work time and the cost of using traditional concrete transportation vehicles. Because it can directly pump the mixed concrete to the construction site, without the need for manual transfer and handling.

Concrete mixer with pump

The concrete mixer pump has a high production capacity, which can produce 30 to 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The concrete mixer pump can transport concrete aggregate with particle size less than 5cm, and its horizontal pumping capacity exceeds 500 meters, while the vertical conveying distance can reach more than 100 meters. The use of concrete mixer pumps can improve the efficiency and quality of the project, especially when rapid construction is required.

Concrete boom pump

Concrete boom pump is a kind of pumping equipment specially used for concrete pouring in construction sites. It adopts the boom structure, the arm end is installed with folding conveying pipe, which can realize the pumping of concrete in 360 degrees in any direction without moving the main body of the pump. Flexible operation, pumping arm can be rotated and folded, and can be retracted, the maximum operating radius of up to 56 meters, to meet the needs of different floors and locations of the concrete pouring.

Concrete Boom Pump

High pumping height of concrete boom pump, the maximum vertical pumping height can be up to 100 meters, to meet the high-rise and ultra-high-rise buildings of concrete pouring. Large output, the maximum theoretical pumping capacity can reach 160 cubic meters per hour, can transport concrete containing large aggregate. It can pump concrete continuously and uninterruptedly, and adopts a closed system to prevent the concrete from drying and separating. Compared with ordinary concrete pumps, boom pumps have a wide operating range, high flexibility and large pumping height, which can improve the efficiency and quality of concrete construction for large and high-rise buildings.

Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck is a kind of special equipment used to transport ready-mixed concrete to the designated construction site. It usually consists of vehicle chassis, pumping system and conveying system. The working principle of concrete pump truck is to transport the concrete to the predetermined position of the construction site through the pipeline through the pumping system, which realizes the continuous and uninterrupted delivery and pouring of concrete, and greatly improves the construction efficiency. It is an indispensable and important equipment in the process of modern building construction. This kind of equipment is very common in large-scale projects, because it can efficiently deliver concrete to the place where it is needed, reducing the cost of manual operation and time.

Concrete Pump Truck

The biggest advantage of concrete pump trucks over concrete trailer pumps is that they are flexible and easy to move. Concrete pump truck is a kind of self-powered vehicle that can enter and leave the construction site actively according to the construction demand, flexible scheduling, covering all the pouring location. It can easily reach the high-rise or remote pouring points, greatly improving construction efficiency. While the concrete pump is a kind of tractor tractor equipment, mobility is poor, mainly for the narrow construction space.

How to choose concrete pumping equipment?

Choosing the right concrete pumping equipment requires consideration of a number of factors, including project requirements, budget, working conditions and so on. Below are some key factors for choosing concrete pumping equipment:

1. Pumping distance and height - According to the horizontal distance and vertical height of the site, choose the appropriate pumping pressure and pipe diameter. The longer the pumping distance and the higher the height, the higher the pumping pressure required. 

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2. Conveying capacity - According to the amount of concrete used, select the appropriate conveying capacity. The larger the conveying volume, the stronger the pumping capacity of the pump. 

3. Matching pipeline - the diameter of the pipeline should be echoed with the pump, the longer the pipeline, the larger the diameter of the pipeline. At the same time, we should pay attention to the connection of the pipeline and pump matching. 

4. drive mode - concrete pumps generally have electric, diesel and hydraulic three drive modes, according to the construction site power supply to choose the appropriate drive mode. 

5. brand and price - choose a reputable pump brand, cost-effective products. Understand the performance differences between different brands.

6. after-sales service - choose to provide perfect after-sales service suppliers and products to ensure that the construction process can get technical support.

7. site conditions - according to the environmental conditions of the construction site to choose the right type of pump, some of the narrow site concrete pump is more appropriate.

Concrete Pump Delivery Case

Considering the above factors, make a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the project requirements, and choose cost-effective and reliable concrete pumping equipment. Before making the final choice, it is best to consult professional concrete pumping equipment suppliers or experts for detailed advice and guidance.

What is the price of concrete pumping equipment?

The price of concrete pumping equipment varies depending on a number of factors, including equipment model, brand, technical features, country of manufacture, market demand, additional features and so on. Therefore, it is difficult to give an exact price range. Typically, concrete pumps can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. If you have specific concrete pumping equipment needs, we suggest you contact concrete equipment suppliers or distributors directly for detailed quotes and information.

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