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Drum Concrete Mixer For Sale

2023-09-09 11:43

Drum Concrete Mixer is an important and indispensable equipment in construction projects, which can efficiently and uniformly mix cement, mortar, aggregate and other raw materials to produce uniform quality and good plasticity of concrete.

Working Principle of Drum Mixer

The common drum concrete mixer is mainly composed of hopper, mixing drum, transmission device, motor, support frame, vibration damping device and hydraulic system and other components. The mixing drum is the main component, and its internal special spiral shape design can mix the raw materials quickly and evenly. The transmission device transmits the power from the motor to the mixing cylinder, the support frame is used to support the whole equipment, the shock absorbing device can reduce the vibration of the equipment during mixing, and the hydraulic system is used to control the lifting and lowering of the equipment.

drum concrete mixer structure diagram

When working, the raw materials such as cement, gravel, water and so on are put into the drum according to the proportion, and then the drum rotates, the materials are rolled and stirred in the drum, and the mixing blades hit and turn the materials, so as to make them fully mixed. After mixing evenly, change the drum to unload the concrete into the transportation tool or mold.

Main advantages of drum concrete mixer for sale

A. Good mixing effect,uniform concrete quality,can make different types of concrete.

B. can be wet and dry mixing, suitable for a variety of scales of engineering projects.

C. Electronic control system realizes automatic control, easy to operate, greatly improving the production efficiency;

D. Simple and durable structure, long service life, reduce the workload of workers, saving time and cost.

drum concrete mixer for sale

Application areas of concrete mixer

The application of drum concrete mixer in construction project is very wide, mainly including.

1. Concrete preparation in all kinds of construction sites.

2. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure construction.

3. factory production of prefabricated components, pipe sheets, etc. 

4. small buildings, home improvement projects.

5. R&D test of special concrete.

Classification of common concrete mixer

Drum concrete mixer according to the drive can be divided into electric drive, hydraulic drive and diesel engine drive; according to the working principle can be divided into self-falling and forced, self-falling rely on the drum rotating drive gravel material using its own gravity to drive the material to rise after the free fall mixing, forced to rely on the mixing blade mixing will be the mixing of concrete raw materials mixing evenly. In addition, according to the shape of the drum, the rotation mode and the shape of the mixing blades, there are many types, such as cylindrical, elliptical, square, single-axis, double-axis, triple-axis, straight leaf, curved leaf and spiral.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

How to choose drum concrete mixer?

The choice of drum concrete mixer needs to be made according to the specific needs of use. If you need to mix large quantities of concrete, you should give priority to the choice of double-shaft or three-shaft drum mixer; if you only need to mix small quantities of concrete, the single-shaft drum mixer is more appropriate.

In places with sufficient power supply, the first choice of electric-driven concrete mixer; in remote mountainous areas or places with insufficient power supply, you should choose diesel-driven concrete mixer. If you need strong mixing power to ensure the quality of concrete, you can choose forced double shaft concrete mixer or hydraulic drive concrete mixer. Comprehensive consideration of construction needs, use of the environment and other factors, choose the right type of concrete mixer, in order to ensure that the mixing effect and work efficiency.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Drum concrete mixer price

The price of drum concrete mixer is affected by many factors, including model, specification, brand, production area, market supply and demand and so on. Therefore, the specific price will be very different. Generally speaking, the price of small, low-capacity drum concrete mixer is relatively low, while the price of large, high-capacity and high-performance mixer will be higher.

Forced double shaft concrete mixer for Export

Concrete Mixer Operation & Maintenance

Concrete mixer is a kind of larger mechanical equipment, which needs to be operated in a safe environment. In the process of operation, attention should be paid to the mixing speed, rotational speed and time of concrete, and reasonable adjustments should be made according to the proportion and nature of concrete to ensure the quality and stability of concrete. When the equipment fails, it should be shut down for maintenance in time to avoid the expansion of the failure affecting the life and effect of the equipment. Regularly check the bolts, fasteners and other parts of the equipment to ensure that the overall structure of the equipment is intact.

Concrete Mixer Suppliers in Southeast Asia

ZOOMJO, as a renowned manufacturer and supplier in the field of construction machinery, we offer a wide range of concrete mixers including electric, diesel, hydraulic, lift type, fully automatic and hopper type. We are constantly developing and improving our products to provide customers with more efficient, stable and energy-saving concrete mixing solutions. Currently, ZOOMJO's concrete mixers are not only sold domestically, but also exported to many countries and regions in Asia and Africa, including Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo, etc. ZOOMJO's concrete mixers have been exported to many countries and regions in Asia and Africa.

concrete mixing equipment suppliers

In addition, ZOOMJO can also provide customers with stationary, mobile and foundationless concrete mixing plants, as well as concrete mixer pumps, concrete trailer pumps, self-loading concrete mixers and other products, a wide range of product lines to fully meet the needs of customers. We sincerely welcome all customers to visit our factory, we will provide the most cost-effective concrete mixing solutions at the lowest factory price.

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