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ZJY60 Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Thailand

ZOOMJO is a professional supplier of concrete mixing equipment, providing all kinds of specifications of mixing plants and concrete mixing pumps, and is committed to providing customers with high quality and high efficiency mixing equipment to meet the needs of various construction projects.
2023-06-12 17:05

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pumps for Sale in Lima, Peru

ZOOMJO's diesel concrete mixer pumps are now available for sale in Lima, Peru. These pumps are ideal for housing construction and other concrete mixing and conveying applications.
2023-06-12 11:57

ZOOMJO Delivers ZBT40C Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump to Colombia

ZOOMJO's concrete trailer pumps are available in two types: electric and diesel. They both have towing structure, which can be moved flexibly to save labor and material resources and meet various construction requirements.
2023-06-12 10:24

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Truck For Export To Brunei

ZOOMJO's ZC-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer is ready for shipment to Brunei. ZOOMJO offers a wide range of mixer models, from 1.2 cubic meters to 5.5 cubic meters, with the flexibility and portability for tight or hard-to-reach construction sites.
2023-06-09 17:03

ZOOMJO Successfully Installed 50m³/h Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

ZOOMJO has recently successfully installed a stationary concrete mixing plant with a capacity of 50m3, aiming to provide high quality concrete for the infrastructure construction in Nanyang.
2023-06-09 15:37

Foundationless Mixing Plant Successfully Installed In Indonesia

ZOOMJO, a mixing plant manufacturer, offers ready-mixed concrete mixing plants from 25m3/h to 240m3/h to meet the needs of projects of different sizes, providing efficient and stable concrete mixing solutions for small construction sites and large infrastructure constructions.
2023-06-09 11:54

Hzs120 Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Ghana

Our technical team recently assisted our customer in Kumasi, Ghana, with the successful assembly and delivery of a high performance HZS120 mixing plant producing 120 cubic meters of wet mix concrete per hour.
2023-06-09 10:20

China Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

A mobile mixing plant is a portable machine that can be used for concrete production at the site. Learn about the advantages, technical requirements and prices of mobile mixing plants and recognize the importance of choosing a well-known manufacturer.
2023-06-08 17:41

How to Maintain Concrete Mixing Plants in Different Weather Conditions?

Concrete mixing plants are essential for the construction industry, this article discusses how to maintain concrete mixing plants in summer, winter, and rainy weather. It also provides tips on how to prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your concrete mixing plant.
2023-06-08 17:05
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