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ZOOMJO Self-Loading Concrete Mixers: The Best Solution for Your Concrete Needs

2023-07-06 15:58

What is a self-loading concrete mixer?

A self-loading concrete mixer is a concrete mixing plant with automatic loading and mixing functions. It is autonomous and efficient and can be used for on-site concrete construction, especially for projects that require frequent movements or temporary sites.

About ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixers

ZOOMJO is a self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer, committed to providing its customers with high quality and efficient equipment. Our self-loading concrete mixers are designed for various construction projects, using advanced technology and design to ensure easy operation, high productivity and excellent performance.

Our self-loading concrete mixers are equipped with reliable diesel engines, efficient hydraulic oil pumps, durable motors, valves, seals and hoses and other quality branded components to ensure reliability and long-lasting equipment. These mixers are used for fresh concrete construction in a wide range of locations such as mining, industrial complexes, shopping plazas, office buildings, warehouses and residences, and for a variety of applications such as footings, foundations, floors, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, patios, pools and more.

We focus not only on the performance and durability of our equipment, but also on ensuring ease of operation to make your construction process more efficient and convenient. Whether you are working on a large project or a small scale, we can provide you with the right self-loading concrete mixer solution to help you complete your project successfully. With ZOOMJO's self-loading concrete mixers, you will experience superior performance and reliability, bringing a whole new dimension to your construction experience.

Advantages of self-loading concrete mixers sold by ZOOMJO:

ZOOMJO's self-loading concrete mixer is fully functional, including integrated loading, mixing, transporting and discharging, and the mixing drum can be rotated 270 degrees, allowing concrete to be discharged in different directions. It is equipped with high quality components, optional engines of famous brands such as Yuchai and Cummins, stable hydraulic system, and equipped with electronic weighing system and printer.

Self-loading concrete mixer structure

The pump of the self-loading truck can draw water from any available water source (such as ponds, lakes, rivers, water containers, etc.) into the water tank and ensure the right amount of water is added to the drum through the flow meter. The cab is humanized and beautifully decorated with air conditioning to provide a more comfortable working environment. In addition, the mixing plant is equipped with a cleaning system that allows the machine to be cleaned immediately after the work is finished.

In terms of transportation, this mixing plant provides various transportation methods, which can be transported by container to save the cost of sea transportation, or by ro-ro ship or bulk carrier, so that it is convenient for customers to use the goods once they receive them.

The self-loading mixer truck enables the production of concrete on the construction site and immediate pouring, suitable for houses, workshops, concrete roads, aqueducts, infrastructure and reservoir dam projects in remote areas.

ZOOMJO's self-loading trucks are equipped with strong production capabilities and excellent service. With direct sales from manufacturers and cheap prices, our production process is systematic and standardized, from receiving orders to organizing delivery, ensuring quality and high efficiency.

What is the capacity of self-loading concrete mixer?

ZOOMJO's range of self-loading concrete mixers offers a wide choice of 7 models with capacities ranging from the largest 6.5 m3 to the smallest 1.2 m3. Each model is equipped with an articulated chassis designed to ensure easy passage through the narrowest of streets and tight site spaces. Our mixers feature a 4*4 drive for all kinds of tough working conditions and the option of four-wheel steering or two-wheel steering to meet the needs of different job sites.

Self-loading concrete mixer for sale

All functions are controlled by simple joysticks and buttons, making operation easier and more efficient. Whether you're an experienced mixer operator or a beginner, our equipment is designed to simplify the process so you can get up and running faster and focus more on the job.

In addition, we pay special attention to the stability and durability of our equipment. Our self-loading concrete mixers are built with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship to ensure long-term reliable operation, thus saving repair and replacement costs and extending the life of the equipment.

How much does a self loading concrete mixer cost?

The price of self loading concrete mixer may vary depending on factors such as brand, model, specification and market demand. The price of self-loading concrete mixers varies from model to model. Before purchasing a self-loading concrete mixer, a detailed analysis of your project needs is required to determine the size of capacity you need the mixer for, the type of mixture, the production volume, and the frequency of use, among other factors. We offer self-loading mixers in different models from 1.2 to 6.5m3, with prices ranging from $15,000 to $55,000. For specific costs, please contact us.

mobile mixer concrete

How to choose the right model of self loading mixer?

When purchasing a self-loading concrete mixer, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Are you buying for your own project or renting? If renting, you need to consider a stronger and easy to operate type. If using it only for your own project, an economical cost option;

2. how many cubic meters of concrete per hour do you want to produce?

3. What are the local working site conditions? Is it a narrow road, hard ground or muddy ground?

The above factors will influence your choice of the right self loading concrete mixer model. Before making a decision, we can help you determine the most suitable model through communication.

Combination of self-loading concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump

Our self-loading concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump combination is a great solution for small to medium sized concrete production projects. It is designed to provide cost efficiency and flexibility, allowing you to quickly mix and pump concrete on different job sites.

The self-loading concrete mixer is a mobile concrete mixing plant with small dimensions and flexibility. You can move it quickly to the location where concrete mixing is required without relying on a traditional concrete mixing plant. It mixes concrete efficiently and ensures quality and uniformity of concrete.

self-loading concrete  mixer trucks and trailer pumps

A concrete trailer pump is used to pump concrete from the mixer to the target location. It has a powerful pumping capacity and the ability to transport concrete over long distances, ensuring that it reaches the desired construction location without any problems. The concrete trailer pump also has the flexibility to adapt to different construction needs and site conditions.

Our products have been carefully designed and optimized to meet the needs of small to medium sized concrete production projects. If you require any customized services or would like more detailed information, we would be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Self-loading concrete mixer technical parameters:

Model ZC-1.2 ZC-1.8 ZC-2.6 ZC-3.5 ZC-4 ZC-5.5 ZC-6.5
Overall Dimensions (L x W× H) 7300×1800×3450 7300×2650×3750 7800×2680×4100 7830×2680×4170 7640×2870×4750 8450×3100×4580 8450×3050×4830
Wheelbase (mm) 2560 2600 2800 2900 2480 3350 2850
Curb Weight (kg) 4920 6000 7200 7800 9000 11200 12520
Tyres   23.5/70-16 1670-20 1670-20 1670-20 12R-22.5 12R-22.5
Drive Form Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter
Maximum Speed (km / h) 30 30 30 30 35 42 40
Maximum Gradeability 30° 30° 30° 30° 45° 45° 45°
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 4700 5270 5300 5300 4800 6200 4800
Rotation   270° 270° 270° 290° 270° 290°
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 280 280 380 380 330 380 350
ModelDiesel Engine Yunnei 490 Turbo-charged Yunnei 490 Turbo-charged Yuchai 4102Turbo-charged Yuchai 4105Turbo-charged Yuchai 4108Turbo-charged Yuchai 6105 Turbo-charged Yuchai 6105 Turbo-charged
Rated Power 55kw 78kw 75kw 85kw 91kw 92kw 92kw
Model(Gearbox) ZL-265Power Shift Gearbox ZL-265Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280Power Shift Gearbox ZL-315 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-428 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-428 Power Shift Gearbox
Gearshift 2 Forward + 2Back 2 Forward +2 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back
Fuel Tank 63liters 63liters 75liters 120liters 230liters 180 liters 370 liters
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 63liters 63liters 75liters 120liters 170 liters 180 liters 278 liters
oil 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters
Reducer KY07-2-0 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 KY07-5-J HJ80-43 HJ80-43
Pump Dual Gear Pump:50/32 Dual Gear Pump:50/32 Dual Gear Pump:80/40 Dual Gear Pump:80/40 Double gear 80/40Rexroh Plunger pump Interpump90Plunger pump Interpump90Plunger pump
Hydraulic Motor Cycloid125 Cycloid125 Interpump56Plunger motor Interpump56Plunger motor 56Interpump56 /Rexroh 56 Interpump56Plunger motor Interpump90Plunger motor
Tank Volume 400L 400L 500L 620L 780L 840L 1465L
Drum Geometrical Capacity 1700L 2680L 3580L 4740L 6000L 7800L 9000L
Drum Rotation Speed Drum Rotation Speed 13rpm Drum Rotation Speed 13rpm Drum Rotation Speed 13-20 rpm Drum Rotation Speed 18-21 rpm Drum Rotation Speed 18-21 rpm 20rpm 16.5 rpm
Concrete yield 1.2m³ / Batch 1.8m³ / Batch 2.6m³ / Batch 3.5m³ / Batch 4.0m³ / Batch 5.5m³ / Batch 6.5m³ / Batch

ZOOMJO self loading concrete mixer FAQ:

Q: How do I install the ZOOMJO self loading concrete mixer?

A: The installation process is very simple. We provide detailed installation instructions and video tutorials. In addition, ZOOMJO engineers are available to support you with online instructions. If required, our overseas subsidiaries can also provide on-site installation services.

Q: Can self-loading concrete mixers be used on mountainous roads?

A: It depends on the slope of the mountain road. Low gradient mountain roads are passable.

Q: Can concrete be produced according to the recipe requirements? Is it possible to print production data?

A: ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixers are equipped with a hydraulic weighing system so that you can accurately weigh the raw materials according to the recipe requirements. In addition, the mixer is equipped with a printer that allows you to print information about the weight of the material.

Q: How many operators are needed to use a self-loading concrete mixer?

A: Typically, only one to three operators are required for a self-loading concrete mixer.

Q: How do I clean a self priming concrete mixer?

A: The water tank should be cleaned before the end of each day. You can choose to have a high pressure car wash pump to clean it, or pour two buckets of stones and half a bucket of water mixed into the mixer for 3 to 5 minutes and then discharge it.

Q: What is the difference between concrete mixer truck and self loading concrete mixer truck?

A: Concrete mixer truck is mainly used to transport concrete, it does not have the function of automatic loading. On the other hand, self loading concrete mixer truck can load and mix raw materials by itself, which is suitable for small and medium-sized projects or maintenance projects. The concrete mixer truck is mainly used for large and medium-sized projects.

Examples of self-loading concrete mixers in use

ZOOMJO's self-loading concrete mixers have been successfully exported to many countries and regions around the world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Russia, Uzbekistan, USA, Canada and Fiji.

Self-loading concrete mixer delivery

The following are some sample cases showing the application of our self-feeding concrete mixers in different countries and regions:

Vietnam: Our self-feeding concrete mixers are used in housing construction projects and play an important role in the fast-growing real estate market.

Philippines: Self-loading concrete mixers are widely used in road construction, helping to improve transportation infrastructure

Malaysia: Self-propelled concrete mixers are used for road construction and house building

Australia: In Australia, our self loader concrete mixers are used for bridge construction and large infrastructure projects

Zimbabwe: Our self-unloading mixers truck are widely used in the African market for a variety of construction projects, including residential construction, commercial buildings and municipal works.

These examples are only some of the many uses of our self-loading concrete mixers around the world. We are always committed to providing high quality products and excellent customer service to meet the needs of our customers in different countries and regions.

If you are interested in any specific case or more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you further!

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