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Diesel Concrete Mixing Pump Manufacturers Direct Sales

2023-07-04 17:38

Concrete mixer with pump is a kind of machinery and equipment that combines concrete mixer and concrete pump into one. We offer two types to choose from: electric type and diesel type. To meet the convenience needs of our customers, most of them prefer the diesel type concrete mixer and pump. This model can be operated at any workplace with sufficient fuel.

cement mixer and pump

It is equipped with a mixing function to produce concrete on site and pour it directly into the hopper of the concrete pump on the trailer. As a result, it offers significant advantages over stand-alone concrete mixer and concrete pump combinations: saving floor space and reducing costs, while increasing efficiency.

Advantages of concrete mixer pump for sale:

1、Combination of mixing and pumping, reducing weight and space;

2、Small concrete mixer with pump is easy to transport in rural areas and highly efficient;

3、This model can save a lot of labor and cost;

4、The remote control is easy to operate.

5、 Equipped with wheels, which can be easily moved in different working places;

Case of concrete mixer with pump for sale

Why choose ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer pump?

1、 one-piece structure frame, more stable and safer;

2、glass plate and cutting ring made of high quality alloy;

3、Original Siemens PLC, main electrical components provided by OMRON;

4、62kW/92 Yuchai diesel engine, motor power is lower than other suppliers. Reduce working consumption and save diesel cost;

5、The bottom of the hopper is made of 45mm steel plate, which has more strength and can bear more pressure;

6、Compact design, the diesel engine is built into the structural frame, smaller size, more convenient to move;

7、Equipped with JZR450 drum concrete mixer with 750L feeding hopper and 450L concrete output per batch;

Structure of concrete mixing pump

8、Seamless steel pipe for concrete pumping; higher strength than ordinary welded pipe;

9、Concrete mixer is driven by wear-resistant and non-slip rubber wheels, whose diameter is 380mm, the largest in China. It is covered with Malaysian rubber, which is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life;

10, the main hydraulic pump Japan Kawasaki, valve Italy OM. stable working performance;

11、Concrete conveying cylinder diameter 200mm, stroke 1260mm, larger and higher capacity; inner wall plated with high chrome, more wear-resistant, longer service life;

12、 the feed hopper is equipped with a vibrator to reduce the residual material in the hopper;

Price of diesel concrete mixer pump

The price of concrete mixer pump is affected by many factors, including brand, specification, manufacturer and market demand. For the latest diesel concrete mixer pump price information and product details, please contact us directly to get accurate information.

Concrete mixing pump is widely used in housing construction, road and bridge construction, tunnel construction, and rural sites far from commercial concrete mixing plants. It is an efficient and flexible equipment that can pump concrete to construction sites quickly and accurately, improving construction efficiency and meeting different site requirements.

Excellent concrete mixing pump manufacturer

ZOOMJO has successfully exported diesel concrete mixer pumps to many countries and regions such as Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In these places, the concrete mixer pumps are sold in considerable volume and are highly appreciated by local investors.

Concrete mixing pump manufacturers

Our team includes professional designers and excellent technicians. As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, we can provide customers with a wide range of products, including stationary concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete mixing plant, foundationless concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing pump, concrete trailer pump, dumping mixer truck, etc.

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