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Common Concrete Batching Mixer Machines

2023-08-09 11:46

In the construction of building projects, concrete is one of the most widely used building materials. Mixing is a key link in the process of concrete production, which directly affects the quality of concrete. In order to produce good quality concrete, we need to choose the right concrete mixing equipment.

At present, the common concrete mixing equipment mainly has the following types.

Electric Concrete Mixer

Electric concrete mixer is one of the most widely used concrete mixing equipment. Its main structure includes electric motor, reducer, main gearbox and mixing paddle. When working, the electric motor drives the mixing paddle to rotate through the reducer and the main gearbox to mix the concrete materials quickly and evenly. Electric concrete mixer has stable and reliable performance, corrosion resistance, easy to use and maintain, it is the first choice of concrete mixing equipment for small and medium-sized construction projects, electric concrete mixer can be selected according to the construction needs of different power motors.

Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale

Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel concrete mixer is a concrete mixing equipment that uses diesel engine as power to drive the mixing paddle. Diesel concrete mixer is usually used in road construction, bridge construction, rural construction and other projects. Diesel concrete mixer with its high power, high efficiency, mobile and flexible features, very suitable for a large number of rapid continuous mixing and field, temporary site mixing, but also pay attention to the reasonable selection with, reduce fuel costs, good maintenance, in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Concrete mixing pump

Concrete mixer pump is a set of mixing and conveying in one of the concrete equipment. It combines the functions of concrete mixer and concrete pump, which can mix the concrete and deliver it to the place of construction through pumping. A concrete mixing pump usually consists of a concrete mixing tank, a concrete transfer pump and a delivery piping system. The mixing tank is used to blend cement, sand, gravel, and water to produce a uniform concrete. The concrete transfer pump then draws in the concrete and pumps it through the delivery piping to the location where it needs to be constructed, such as floor slabs, columns, and walls. This kind of equipment can improve the construction efficiency and reduce manual operation, especially when the concrete needs to be transported to higher or farther locations.

Concrete mixer with pump

Concrete mixing pumps are widely used in building construction, road construction, tunnel construction and other fields. Its advantages include reducing waste during concrete transportation, lowering labor intensity, and improving project progress and construction quality. However, the use of concrete mixer pumps also requires attention to operational specifications and safety matters to ensure that the construction process is safe and smooth.

Self-loading concrete mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer is a special type of concrete mixing equipment with autonomous loading, mixing and transportation capabilities. Unlike traditional concrete mixer trucks, self-loading concrete mixers are more flexible and convenient, allowing instant concrete preparation and distribution at the construction site. Self-loading concrete mixer is an efficient, convenient and flexible concrete production and distribution equipment, which can significantly improve construction efficiency and reduce transportation and labor costs.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Forced Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Compulsory Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer is an efficient concrete mixing equipment with two horizontally rotating mixing shafts, which realizes the process of uniformly mixing raw materials such as cement, sand, aggregate and water through compulsory mixing. The Compulsory Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer is suitable for construction, engineering and manufacturing projects that require large quantities of high quality concrete. Its efficiency, stability and consistency make it ideal for many construction and engineering projects.

Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete mixing plant is a piece of engineering equipment used to produce concrete, usually for large-scale construction projects, road construction, bridge building and other projects. A concrete mixing plant can mix cement, sand, aggregate, water and other additives in a certain proportion to produce concrete that meets the design requirements.

Concrete mixing plants can be categorized into different models according to production capacity, such as stationary concrete mixing plants and mobile concrete mixing plants. They are widely used in both large-scale projects and small-scale construction sites, and can provide high-quality concrete to ensure construction quality and efficiency.

Mobile Concrete Mixer Plant

Lifting Concrete Mixer

Lifting type concrete mixer, also called elevating concrete mixer, is a specially designed concrete mixing equipment whose main feature is the lifting function, which allows concrete mixing and placing between different heights. This type of mixer is usually used in scenarios where concrete construction needs to be done at high altitude or in hard-to-reach places. Lifting concrete mixers not only improve construction efficiency, but also reduce labor costs while helping to improve construction quality and safety.

However, it is important to note that when operating a lifting concrete mixer, you need to strictly follow safety operating procedures to ensure the safety of the equipment and the operator. At the same time, it is also very important to regularly maintain and check the normal operation of the equipment.

Elevated Concrete Mixer

Hydraulic Hopper Concrete Mixer

Hydraulic hopper concrete mixer is a special type of concrete mixing equipment with hydraulic hopper device for loading raw materials into the mixing drum and mixing. This design makes the operation more convenient and efficient, and is suitable for some scenarios where quick loading and mixing of concrete is required. The hydraulic hopper concrete mixer improves the efficiency and quality of concrete production through automatic loading and efficient mixing. It is a widely used equipment in building construction, road construction, infrastructure construction and other fields, which can effectively meet the needs of concrete preparation.

Bucket Type Concrete Mixer

Automatic Concrete Mixer

An automatic concrete mixer is a type of equipment that can perform operations automatically during the mixing process and is used to mix raw materials such as cement, aggregate, sand and water into concrete. This type of mixer allows for automatic loading, mixing and blending, and unloading operations through a pre-set program and control system, thereby increasing the efficiency and consistency of concrete production. The dynamic concrete mixer improves the efficiency, consistency and quality of concrete production through automated operation and control. It is an important piece of equipment in modern building construction, capable of meeting the demand for efficient and precise concrete preparation.

Other types of concrete machines

In addition to the common types mentioned above, we use a range of special-purpose concrete mixing equipment, such as MS concrete mixers, digital concrete mixers, self-propelled concrete mixers and foam concrete mixers. Each type of specialized concrete mixing equipment has its own specific application area, and we need to choose the most suitable mixing equipment for ourselves according to the actual project requirements.

Price of concrete mixer machines

Price is one of the factors to consider when choosing a concrete mixer. We offer a wide range of concrete mixing equipment types and configurations designed to meet different budgets and project requirements. We have affordable conventional plants as well as automated systems that integrate advanced technology. No matter what type of plant you need, we will be happy to consult with you and recommend a cost-effective and reliable solution for your project requirements. Please feel free to contact us, we are confident that we can select the most suitable concrete mixing equipment for you.

Plant for Manufacturing Concrete Mixer

China Concrete Mixer Suppliers & Manufacturers

As an important supplier and manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment in China, ZOOMJO offers a wide range of concrete mixers including large, medium and small sizes to meet the different needs of construction projects. The product range covers diesel concrete mixers, electric concrete mixers, self-loading concrete mixer trucks, concrete trailer pumps, concrete mixer pumps and other dual-purpose mixing and conveying equipment, as well as large-capacity stationary concrete mixing plants and detachable mobile concrete mixing plants that are easy to move frequently.

Concrete Mixer Suppliers & Manufacturers

ZOOMJO adopts the factory direct sales mode to ensure the favorable price of the products, welcome new and old customers to visit the factory for inspection and purchase. In addition to the products, ZOOMJO also provides professional pre-sales consulting and after-sales service, truly customer-centered, to ensure that customers buy cost-effective, easy to use, easy to maintain quality concrete mixing equipment.

China concrete mixer factory direct sale

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