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Export to Malaysia of Flat Mouth Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

2023-06-27 17:14

Recently, ZOOMJO successfully exported self-loading flat-mouth concrete mixers with a capacity of 3 cubic meters per batch to Malaysia. The customer in Malaysia plans to use them mainly for road construction and housing construction. As a common type of concrete mixing equipment, the self-loading flat-mouth concrete mixer is widely used worldwide for its high efficiency and automation.

Self-loading concrete mixer

Self-loading flat concrete mixers are known for their automatic loading, automatic mixing and automatic discharging. This equipment can significantly improve productivity and reduce labor intensity, making it an indispensable equipment in modern construction projects. It consists of mixing main machine, feeding system, control system and hydraulic system and other parts. Its working principle is to put the concrete raw materials into the mixing machine through the feeding system, and the mixing machine uses the mixing device to mix and stir the raw materials to finally form high-quality concrete, and then discharges the concrete through the flush discharge system.

Self-loading flat-mouth concrete mixer is widely used in building construction, road construction, bridge construction and other fields. It has many advantages compared with traditional concrete mixers. The design of automatic loading enables it to save labor cost and time and improve work efficiency. Secondly, the high mixing efficiency and stable and reliable concrete quality can meet the construction requirements of all kinds of projects.

The small size of self loading flat concrete mixer is suitable for the construction site with limited space, which provides convenience for the construction. the main hydraulic components of ZOOMOJO self loading concrete mixer adopt imported parts, and the wearing parts are more durable, which ensures the reliability and durability of the equipment.

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