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What is a Trailer Concrete Pump,How to buy a concrete pump?

2023-06-26 18:13

What types of pumps are most suitable for concrete? Common types include boom type concrete pumps and pipe pumps (or trailer type concrete pumps). Boom pumps accurately place concrete via a remote-controlled mechanical arm and are suitable for large construction projects with high pumping capacity and low labor intensity. Pipeline pumps, on the other hand, require manual connection of hoses and delivery of concrete and are suitable for smaller volume pouring applications. There are also skid-steer and rail-mounted concrete pumps, but their use is rarer and mainly used for specific job scenarios.

Common Types of Concrete Pumps

What is a towed concrete pump?

A trailer-mounted concrete pump is a type of equipment used to transport concrete from a mixing plant or concrete transfer truck to a construction site. It usually consists of a trailer and a concrete pump mounted on the trailer.

The trailer-mounted concrete pump has the following characteristics:

High mobility: The trailer-mounted concrete pump is usually constructed with a trailer, which has good mobility and can be moved to the construction site quickly. This makes it suitable for construction tasks that require frequent position adjustments.

High efficiency and energy saving: The trailer-mounted concrete pump adopts hydraulic drive system, which has the feature of high efficiency and energy saving. It can pump concrete quickly and continuously, improving construction efficiency and saving costs.

Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

Long pumping distance: The towed concrete pump can achieve long pumping distance. It can deliver concrete to long distances, high floors or hard-to-reach construction locations to meet the needs of complex projects.

Flexible adjustment: The trailer-mounted concrete pump has the ability to adjust the pumping flow and pressure. The operator can adjust the flow rate and pressure according to the actual needs to meet different construction requirements.

Stable concrete quality: During the concrete pumping process, the towed concrete pump can maintain the uniformity and stability of the concrete. This helps to improve the construction quality and reduce concrete waste.

Easy operation: The trailer-mounted concrete pump is equipped with an advanced control system, which is easy to operate. The operator can easily control the start, stop and adjustment of the pump through the control panel or remote control.

Application fields of trailer-mounted concrete pump:

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps can be used in the following fields:

Residential work: The small size of trailer-mounted concrete pumps makes them ideal for residential work. They can pump sufficient quantities of concrete from longer distances.

Tunneling: Trailer-mounted concrete pumps can pump concrete from outside to the tunnel construction site, saving both time and space.

High building work: Unlike boom concrete pumps, trailer-mounted concrete pumps with sufficient power can deliver concrete to higher heights through long pipes.

What is the capacity of a trailer-mounted concrete pump?

ZOOMJO offers a wide selection of towed concrete pump models, including:

40m3/h trailer-mounted electric concrete pump

40m3/h trailer-mounted diesel concrete pump

60m3/h electric concrete trailer pump

60m3/h diesel concrete trailer pump

80m3/h trailer-mounted electric concrete pump

80m3/h diesel trailer concrete pump

How to buy trailer concrete pump?

If you need to buy trailer concrete pump in bulk and know the selling price of concrete pump, please contact ZOOMJO directly. We provide trailer concrete pumps from top manufacturers at competitive prices and in stock. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Concrete pump with trailer for sale

Which countries produce towed concrete pumps in large quantities?

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps play an important role in conveying concrete. The demand for trailer-mounted concrete pumps is growing significantly worldwide, especially in developing countries. China, Germany and India are the countries with the largest production of concrete machinery.

Who are the top towed concrete pump manufacturers in China?

ZOOMJO is a well-known supplier of Trailer Concrete Pump, which is well known in the industry for its excellent products and quality services. As a professional supplier, ZOOMJO is committed to providing high-performance and reliable towed concrete pump equipment to meet the needs of all kinds of construction projects.

Concrete Pump Manufacturer

ZOOMJO's trailer-mounted concrete pumps are equipped with advanced technology and techniques that provide excellent pumping capacity and durability. These pumps are flexible and mobile and can be quickly adapted to the requirements of different construction sites. Whether it is a long-distance pumping task, a high-rise building or a large volume concrete transfer, ZOOMJO's products are able to perform the task consistently and efficiently.

ZOOMJO focuses on customer service and satisfaction. Whether it is pre-sales consultation, equipment installation or after-sales maintenance, ZOOMJO always puts the interests of its customers first and ensures that they receive excellent service and support.

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