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ZOOMJO Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant in Garoocan, Philippines

ZOOMJO has recently installed a stationary concrete mixing plant in Garoocan, Philippines. The plant has a high production capacity of 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour and is equipped with advanced equipment such as intelligent weighing and control systems.
2023-06-20 17:47

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Ready For Shipment To Vietnam

ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer has the function of self-loading, mixing and transporting concrete, which can meet the demand of producing large quantities of concrete and can be flexibly adjusted and operated according to the actual situation of the construction site.
2023-06-20 16:53

ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps for Phnom Penh Construction

ZOOMJO's electric concrete trailer pumps are a powerful and efficient solution for construction in Phnom Penh. The pump offers a wide range of benefits, including high pumping efficiency, economical price, simple operation and easy maintenance.
2023-06-20 14:52

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump For House Construction In East Timor

ZOOMJO's diesel concrete mixer pump can be used for a variety of construction projects. It is capable of producing 40 cubic meters of concrete per hour and can pump concrete horizontally up to a distance of 500 meters and vertically up to 120 meters.
2023-06-20 11:38

Concrete Mixing Plant for Concrete Pipe Production in Guinea

ZOOMJO is a renowned Chinese manufacturer of concrete mixing plants. We offer factory direct price and excellent service. Visit our website to learn more.
2023-06-19 16:04

ZOOMJO: Top Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

ZOOMJO is a well-known manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete mixing plants in China. Our equipment is reliable, durable, and efficient, and we offer a wide range of capacities to meet your needs.
2023-06-19 15:57

ZOOMJO Concrete Pumps for Infrastructure Construction in Myanmar

ZOOMJO concrete pumps are a popular choice for infrastructure construction in Myanmar. They can convey aggregates of 5cm and below, with a displacement range from 24m³/h to 100m³/h. We offer a variety of concrete pumps to choose from, including electric and diesel versions, as well as concrete mixer pumps.
2023-06-19 15:10

Ready Mix Plant Sale in Thailand

ZOOMJO is a leading manufacturer and seller of concrete mixing plants in China. With extensive business dealings in Southeast Asia, ZOOMJO has achieved remarkable sales results in Thailand.
2023-06-16 16:44

Choose the Right Concrete Mixing Plant for Your Needs

When choosing a concrete mixing plant, it is important to consider the size of the project, the location of the project, and the budget. ZOOMJO is a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer that offers a variety of concrete mixing plants to meet the needs of any project.
2023-06-16 14:44
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