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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant for sale to Kuala Lumpur

2023-06-13 11:45

ZOOMJO is a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, committed to providing our customers with high quality, reliable mixing plants. Not only do we focus on the quality and performance of our products, but we also place great importance on working closely and communicating with our customers to ensure that we can provide them with the most suitable solution.

Recently, we worked with a customer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who had a concrete project that required a mobile concrete mixing plant. To meet the client's needs, our technical team conducted a detailed requirements analysis and communication with the client. By understanding the customer's requirements, we recommended the ZJY series mobile concrete mixing plant to them and introduced the advantages of this equipment in detail.

Small mixing plants

The mobile mixing plant has a simpler structure compared to the fixed mixing plant, making it more flexible and convenient to move and dismantle. This means that customers can quickly transfer the mixing plant to different sites as required, thus increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the project.

The ZJY series mobile concrete mixing plant is designed with a trailer chassis structure, enabling the integration of the batching plant, conveyor, mixer, control room, each weighing system and admixture system into one unit. This design makes the transfer of the mixing plant much easier and quicker by simply pulling the equipment away and quickly putting it into position, saving time and labour costs.

The mixing effect is an important indicator of a concrete mixing plant that cannot be ignored. the ZJY series mobile mixing plant uses high quality JS double horizontal shaft forced mixers, which have the advantages of good mixing quality and high speed. The quality and durability of this mixer is highly recognized by customers and can ensure the quality of concrete to meet the project requirements.

In addition to the above advantages, the ZJY series mobile concrete mixing plant also features fast installation. The entire mixing plant components are produced in the factory and assembled at the construction site. The whole station structure is made of 70% high strength bolts, which makes the installation process accurate, fast and less work. This not only reduces construction time, but also reduces the complexity of the installation for the customer.

Through full communication and understanding with the customer, we recommended the ZJY series mobile concrete mixing plant according to their needs and provided professional installation and commissioning services. At present, the mixing plant has been successfully installed and put into use, and the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our products and services.

As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, whether it is a mobile mixing plant or other types of mixing equipment, we will provide the best solution for our customers with high quality and reliability.

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