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ZOOMJO Stationary Mixing Plant Successfully Installed In Myanmar

2023-06-12 17:57

The ZOOMJO stationary mixing plant with a capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour was successfully installed and put into operation in Myanmar. It is equipped with four cement silos with a capacity of 100 tons and two JS1000 twin-shaft mixers, and is also equipped with an intelligent control system to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the production process.

After the customer receives the goods of ZOOMJO stationary mixing plant, we will immediately arrange professional engineers to follow up the installation work to ensure that the equipment can be put into operation in the shortest possible time.

Fixed mixing plants

During the installation process, our engineers will be responsible for the assembly, connection and commissioning of the plant. They will ensure the correct installation and fit of each component according to the installation instructions and technical requirements of the equipment. If some on-site customization or adjustment is required, the engineers will also perform the corresponding operation in a timely manner.

Stationary concrete mixing plant is a common type of concrete production equipment, also known as stationary concrete mixing plant. This type of plant is typically used to mass produce concrete for construction, road building and other infrastructure projects. The design of stationary concrete plants can be customized to suit different production needs and site conditions.

A stationary concrete mixing plant is a professional concrete production plant consisting of hoppers, conveyors, mixers, metering systems and control systems. The raw materials, including cement, stone, sand, etc., are mixed in a certain proportion under the control of the metering system and enter the mixer for mixing to finally form concrete.

Usually, stationary concrete mixing plant adopts large double horizontal shaft mixer, which is designed to provide sufficient production capacity, high efficiency and reliability for various large scale and high quality concrete production.

As the best stationary concrete mixing plant manufacturer in China, ZOOMJO is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of concrete mixing plants. Our concrete mixing plants are popular and trusted by our customers in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Fiji, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Jamaica and France.

ZOOMJO is always committed to providing customers with high quality concrete mixing plants and constantly improving the performance and reliability of our products through technological innovation and quality management. Our team will continue to strive to work with our global customers to provide efficient and reliable concrete production solutions for all types of construction and infrastructure projects.

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