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ZJY60 Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Thailand

2023-06-12 17:05

With the continuous development of the construction industry and the increase of construction demand, efficient concrete mixing equipment has become an indispensable part of modern engineering construction. Recently, a customer from Bangkok, Thailand placed an order for ZJY60 mobile concrete mixing plant, which is an advanced concrete production equipment integrating material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing and discharging, and is widely used in the mobile construction process of highway, bridge, port, hydropower and other projects.

Portable mixing plant

The ZJY60 mobile concrete mixing plant adopts a well-designed structure, let's learn more about its various components.

The chassis is the foundation of the mixing plant. The cantilever chassis contains the towing pin of the trailer and the parking legs. The chassis is fitted with weighing scales for the mixer, cement and water admixtures and is surrounded by facilities such as inspection lanes and railings to ensure the safety of the operator.

The control room is located at the bottom of the chassis and contains the fully automatic control system for the mixing plant. This control system is the same as that of the stationary mixing plant, allowing for efficient automated control to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the construction process.

Next is the aggregate storage hopper, located in the upper part of the mixing plant, which is used to store the aggregates (sand and stone). This storage hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 compartments and is equipped with a raised plate to increase the storage capacity. The bottom part is equipped with a walking rear axle and working frame legs to ensure the stability and mobility of the plant.

The core component of the mobile mixing plant is the belt conveyor frame. This frame connects the mainframe chassis to the aggregate batching frame with a truss structure and an internal belt frame. The mainframe, belt frame and batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the mobile mixing plant. In addition, the exterior is equipped with a cement silo and a screw conveyor, which provide greater convenience as these external components can be transported and disassembled as a whole, both during work and transportation.

Conveying system of mixing plant

Finally, there is the mixing machinery, which generally adopts JS-type forced mixer. This kind of mixer can mix liquid and dry concrete quickly and evenly to ensure the quality and uniformity of concrete and meet the requirements of engineering construction.

ZJY60 mobile concrete mixing plant is ideal for mobile construction process with its compact structure and perfect function. It not only has high efficiency mixing capacity, but also has flexible mobility, which can adapt to various engineering construction needs.

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