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ZOOMJO Successfully Installed 50m³/h Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

2023-06-09 15:37

Recently, a ZOOMJO stationary concrete mixing plant with a capacity of 50m3 was successfully installed and put into operation in Nanyang. The main task of this plant is to supply high quality concrete for road projects to support the infrastructure development in the region.

Fixed cement mixing plant

The plant is equipped with two 50-ton cement silos and three PLD aggregate silos, as well as a twin-shaft forced mixer with a capacity of JS750 and an intelligent control system. The large capacity design of the cement and aggregate bins ensures the stability of continuous material supply, thus improving the efficiency of concrete production. The JS750 twin-shaft forced mixer ensures the quality and uniformity of the concrete with its efficient mixing capacity and uniform mixing effect. The introduction of intelligent control system makes the whole mixing process more automatic and precise, which improves the production efficiency and reduces human operation errors.

ZOOMJO, as a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, has been committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers. We have an experienced engineering team with rich expertise and skills in mixing plant design and installation. In this Nanyang project, ZOOMJO's engineers worked closely with the local builder to carefully design the layout and configuration of this mixing plant according to the project requirements and site conditions. Our expertise and efforts ensured the smooth installation and commissioning of the mixing plant.

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