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How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Concrete Mixing Plant?

How to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant? This article introduces you the methods and precautions to improve the productivity of concrete mixing plant from three key nodes, namely feeding, mixing and discharging.
2023-04-17 14:40

ZOOMJO Goes All Out To Produce Concrete Mixing Plants, The Large Number Of Orders Is Exciting!

ZOOMJJO has recently received a large number of orders from customers all over the world, including different models of HZS120 concrete mixing plant and small concrete mixing plant. The company's whole staff worked overtime for production, testing, packaging and transportation to ensure the orders were delivered on time.
2023-04-17 14:12

ZOOMJO's Concrete Mixing Plants Are Used In Road Construction Projects In China

ZOOMJO's concrete mixing plants are highly recognized by contracting companies for their outstanding performance in road construction projects in Northwest China. We use advanced production processes and technologies to ensure that each plant is stable, reliable and easy to operate.
2023-04-17 11:31

Customized 75m3/h Concrete Mixing Plant For Algerian Customer

A custom order has been delivered to the Algerian customer for a 75 m3/h stationary concrete mixing plant with JS1500 twin-shaft concrete mixer and SCHNEIDER electrical system, equipped with four large aggregate bins and a 100 ton bolted cement silo, an efficient plant adapted to the needs of large projects.
2023-04-17 11:13

Concrete Mixing Plant Successfully Delivered to Concrete Pole Production Plant in Laos

ZOOMJO has recently successfully delivered a HZS50 concrete mixing plant to a concrete pole production plant in Laos, equipped with a concrete distribution truck and a cement silo with a capacity of 200 tons, improving production efficiency and product quality.
2023-04-17 09:43

Performance Parameters To Consider When Choosing Concrete Mixing Pump

Understanding the performance parameters of a concrete mixer pump is crucial to choosing the right equipment. This article introduces the key performance parameters such as flow rate, pressure, power, maximum conveying distance, maximum conveying height and maximum aggregate size of concrete mixer pumps to help you choose the most suitable concrete mixer pump for your project needs.
2023-04-15 09:24

Concrete Mixing Pump Common Failures & Maintenance Cycle Analysis

Concrete mixing pumps are commonly used in construction sites, but they are prone to breakdowns during long working hours. This article introduces the common failures and solutions of concrete mixing pump, as well as the maintenance cycle.
2023-04-14 16:41

Concrete Pumping Equipment Classification & Features Detailed

Five classifications of concrete pumping equipment are introduced in detail, including towed concrete pumping equipment, concrete mixer pump, concrete pump truck, truck-mounted concrete pump and pumping truck, and their characteristics, applicable occasions, advantages and disadvantages and precautions for use are analyzed to provide reference for engineering construction personnel.
2023-04-14 15:38

Concrete Mixing Pump Operation & Maintenance Methods

Concrete mixing pump operation and maintenance methods, including preparation, equipment start-up, operation techniques, equipment cleaning, wearing parts replacement, equipment lubrication and daily inspection, etc., to help you ensure the normal operation of the mixing pump and extend its service life
2023-04-14 14:51
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