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How Many Workers Are Involved When Working With Concrete Mixer Pumps?

2023-04-27 10:23

Concrete mixer pump is a kind of equipment that conveys concrete from the mixer truck to the construction site. It consists of two parts: a concrete mixer and a concrete transfer pump. The concrete mixer mixes cement, sand, stone and water into concrete, and then conveys the concrete to the construction site through the transfer pump so that the construction workers can pour it.

Concrete mixer pump has the advantages of high efficiency, time saving, labor saving, material saving and energy saving. Compared with traditional concrete conveying methods, concrete mixer pumps can convey concrete directly to the construction site, avoiding the trouble of manually carrying concrete and improving work efficiency, while also reducing concrete waste and reducing the impact on the environment. However, some people may ask how many workers need to be involved in the work of concrete mixing pump?

According to practical experience, the working process of concrete mixer pump requires about 6 workers. These workers play different roles throughout the process, including loading, mixing, pumping and spreading concrete. Each person needs to be proficient in his or her job to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

Concrete mixing pump application scene

Before the work begins, the mixer pump needs to be placed in the right place while setting up the piping to the construction site. This task usually requires six workers to work together. To facilitate the construction, the machine is usually given 100 meters of piping to meet most of the needs on site.

Next, an experienced operator is needed to maneuver the loader to load the material into the mixer while another worker is responsible for loading the cement into the mixer. This is one of the most important steps in the working process of a concrete mixing pump. This is because if the materials are not properly proportioned, the quality of the concrete cannot be guaranteed.

During the mixing and pumping process, one worker is needed to control the mixing and pumping function of the equipment and keep an eye on the pumping port to see if it is blocked. Also, the worker needs to be proficient in the control panel and remote control, and all the operations controlled by manual way and automatic remote control. These control operations require experienced workers to be proficient.

Finally, two to three workers are usually required to lay the concrete at the end of the pipe. They need to spread the concrete evenly over the construction area according to the design requirements. In addition, ZOOMJO concrete pumps offer end hoses that can be used according to the project requirements, which can be better adapted to the customer's needs.

ZOOMJO's product range includes concrete pump trailers, concrete mixers, concrete pipe pumps, high-pressure concrete pumps, etc. Whether you are working on a small residential project or a large commercial development, ZOOMJO has the perfect solution to help you get the job done efficiently.

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