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ZOOMJO Exports Yhzs60 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant To Uganda

ZOOMJO exported a YHZS60 mobile concrete mixing plant equipped with four aggregate storage bins to Uganda. The plant is equipped with an independent weighing system to ensure consistent quality of concrete production.
2023-04-11 14:47

ZOOMJO's New Mobile Concrete Pump Is Highly Efficient & Portable

The new ZOOMJO mobile concrete pump is particularly popular among users. With its portability and flexibility, it can be easily moved between sites, while having excellent performance and stable work efficiency to meet the needs of users in different situations.
2023-04-11 13:52

Foundationless Concrete Mixing Plant - Efficient & Flexible Mobile Concrete Mixing Equipment

Foundation-less concrete mixing plant is a new type of concrete mixing plant in modern construction sites, which requires no foundation, is very easy to install and dismantle, and is suitable for temporary sites and mobile construction.
2023-04-11 11:40

ZOOMJO exported HZS50 concrete mixing plant to UAE

ZOOMJO recently exported a HZS50 concrete mixing plant to the UAE with an advanced control system and efficient concrete production equipment capable of achieving a production rate of 50 cubic meters per hour. This medium-sized concrete production plant is suitable for a variety of large, medium and small construction projects.
2023-04-07 17:33

ZOOMJO Offers High Performance Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps

ZOOMJO offers high performance truck-mounted concrete pumps for conveying concrete with aggregates of 5cm and below, with a displacement range from 24m³/h to 100m³/h. This product has many advantages such as high flexibility, easy operation, safety and reliability, and simple maintenance.
2023-04-06 15:26

ZOOMJO Hzs180 Concrete Mixing Plant Successfully Installed In Chengdu

ZOOMJO's HZS180 concrete mixing plant adopts advanced technology and high quality materials, with an output capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour and two discharge units, which can be widely used in various construction projects and is an indispensable equipment for the construction industry.
2023-04-06 10:54

High-Efficiency Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Singapore

ZOOOMJO has recently succeeded in exporting a mobile concrete mixing plant with high productivity and quality to the Singapore market. Equipped with high quality equipment and fully automatic computer control, the plant is capable of achieving a production rate of 120 cubic meters per hour.
2023-04-06 10:03

ZOOMJO Successfully Delivered Concrete Mixing Plant To Vietnamese Customer

ZOOMJO successfully delivered a HZS50 concrete mixing plant, including a twin-shaft concrete mixer, a large-capacity aggregate bin and a detachable cement silo, to a customer in Vietnam.
2023-04-05 17:14

Zoomjo Exports Concrete Mixing Plants To Philippines

ZOOMJO has reached a partnership agreement with a Philippine builder to export concrete equipment. The Filipino builder highly appreciates the technology and quality of ZOOMJO equipment, as they improve the efficiency of construction and the quality of concrete.
2023-04-05 15:36
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