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The Working Principle & Application Of Concrete Pump Truck

2023-04-26 15:26

What is a concrete pump truck?

A concrete pump truck is a kind of equipment used to transport concrete from one place to another. It consists of vehicle chassis, pumping unit, placing unit and maneuvering system and other parts.

Concrete pump truck is usually used in building construction sites in order to transport concrete from concrete mixing plant to the specific location where concrete needs to be poured, such as floor slabs, walls, bridges, etc. Compared to traditional concrete transportation methods, the use of concrete pump trucks can improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, as well as reduce waste and pollution of concrete.

The pumping unit of a concrete pump truck is usually driven by a hydraulic system and is capable of transporting concrete through pipes to a specified location. Depending on the pumping distance and pumping height, concrete pump trucks can be divided into different models and specifications to meet different construction needs.

Concrete mixer pump structure

How does a concrete pump truck work

The working principle of concrete pump truck is to use the pumping device to extract concrete from the truck-mounted concrete tank or concrete mixing plant and transport it through the conveying pipeline to the specific location where the concrete needs to be poured.

Specifically, the working process of a concrete pump truck is as follows:

Preparation: drive the concrete pump truck to the construction site, and adjust and fix the stability of the pump truck.

Connect the conveying pipe: connect the conveying pipe to the pumping unit of the pump truck, and then connect the other end to the concrete tank or concrete mixing plant.

Start pumping: Start the hydraulic system of the pump truck and activate the pump unit for pumping to pump the concrete into the conveying pipe. The concrete is transported through the conveying pipeline to the specific location where the concrete needs to be poured.

Control of pumping speed: According to the specific construction needs, the pumping speed and pumping volume are controlled to ensure uniform concrete delivery and even pouring.

End of work: After finishing the pouring task, shut down the hydraulic system of the pump truck and the pump unit and remove the conveying pipeline from the pump truck. Ensure that the pump truck and the delivery pipeline are clean to avoid damage to the equipment caused by concrete residues

It should be noted that during the pumping process, the length, bending and blockage of the pumping pipes should be monitored and adjusted in real time to ensure that the concrete can be delivered to the target location smoothly.

The main structure of concrete pump truck

The main structure of concrete pump truck includes parts of vehicle chassis, pump unit, placing device and manipulation system.

Vehicle chassis: The vehicle chassis of a concrete pump truck is usually converted from a heavy-duty truck, and its main function is to provide the support and mobility of the vehicle body. Vehicle chassis usually includes components such as cab, engine, driving system, steering system and braking system.

Pump unit: pump unit is the core part of concrete pump truck, mainly composed of hydraulic pump, conveying pipeline and accessories, etc. The hydraulic pump is the core part of the pump unit, which provides power through the hydraulic system and pumps the concrete to the conveying pipe, which is usually made of high-strength alloy steel with certain bending and wear resistance. Accessories usually include regulating valves, filters, throttle valves, etc.

Placing device: Placing device is used to spray concrete evenly to the specific location where the concrete needs to be placed. The placing device usually consists of telescopic arms, legs, rotating mechanism and nozzles, etc.

Operation system: The operation system includes the console and hydraulic control system. The console is the cab of the concrete pump truck, and the driver controls the operations of the pump truck through the control lever and buttons on the console. The hydraulic control system is the control center of the concrete pump truck, which controls the working state of the pump unit and the running state of the conveying pipeline through the hydraulic system to realize the conveying and spraying of concrete.

Concrete mixer pump for sale

Concrete pump truck has the following advantages:

Improve work efficiency: Compared with the traditional concrete conveying method, concrete pump truck can realize long distance, high level and large amount of concrete conveying, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Reduce labor intensity: Concrete pump truck can automatically transport concrete to the target location, reducing the labor intensity of manual transportation, and also reducing the investment of human resources.

Improving construction quality: Concrete pump truck can achieve uniform concrete conveying and pouring, avoiding the phenomenon of concrete layering and misalignment, and improving construction quality.

Wide range of application: Concrete pump truck is not restricted by terrain and topographic conditions, and can adapt to various complex construction environments.

Cost reduction: Concrete pump truck can reduce construction time and labor cost, thus reducing construction cost.

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