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Specifications & Guidelines For Concrete Pumping

2023-04-27 11:23

Concrete pumping is an integral part of large construction projects. It can help deliver concrete to high points in a building, making construction more efficient, precise and safe. However, before pumping concrete, crews need to understand and follow a number of codes and guidelines to ensure quality and safe pumping.

In high-rise buildings, crews often use the "water-saving downpipe method" to pump concrete. This method involves pumping a small amount of water, then adding a pure cement slurry, and finally pumping the concrete. This method avoids concrete segregation during the pumping process, thus reducing the risk of pipe blockage and pumping losses.

Before preparing for pumping, the builder needs to add a certain amount of water to the conveying pipe and isolate the mortar from the water in the pipe with a pure cement slurry to form a barrier. Then, the pure cement slurry, mortar and concrete are pumped separately. In the conveying pipe, the water wets the pipe wall and forms a cement slurry film so that the concrete is pumped smoothly to the specified location.

concrete pumps

In super high-rise buildings, the length of the conveying pipes is long and special attention needs to be paid to the quality and safety of concrete pumping. If the pumping time is too long, the water and mortar in the pipe will be mixed, thus losing water retention, sand deposition and separation from the cement slurry, and friction resistance will increase, which will eventually cause the pipe to be blocked. Therefore, the use of "water-saving pipe method" can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation, so as to ensure the smooth and safe concrete pumping.

Concrete pumping is a very important project, it can help improve the efficiency and quality of construction. Constructors need to choose the right pumping solution and process according to the specific situation, and strictly follow the relevant codes and guidelines to ensure pumping quality and safety.

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