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What Is the Working Principle of Concrete Batching Plant?

2023-04-27 09:58

Concrete mixing plant is one of the necessary equipment on construction sites, which can mix materials such as cement, aggregate, water and admixtures to produce high quality concrete. ZOOMJO has rich experience in the design and manufacture of concrete mixing plant, and adopts advanced technology and equipment, which makes the efficiency and quality of concrete mixing plant greatly improved.

Concrete mixing plant work flow and principle

1. Aggregate will be loaded into the silo, this process may be done by wheel loader or belt conveyor.

2. During the batching process, the cylinder will open the material door to let various aggregates into their respective weighing hoppers for accurate weighing, either individually or cumulatively. The microcomputer will detect whether it is overweight or not, and alarm automatically.

3. After the aggregates have been dosed, they will be conveyed to the inclined feed belt conveyor via the flat belt conveyor.

Workflow diagram of mixing plant

ZOOMJO belt conveyor features

Our inclined feeding belt conveyor is semi-enclosed design with waterproof and dustproof function. To facilitate maintenance, there are access aisles on both sides of the machine and an emergency stop pull switch to ensure the safety of the maintenance process. The center is equipped with a tensioning device to ensure sufficient tensioning force so as to avoid belt slippage. In addition, the top is equipped with automatic cleaning device, scraper and belt cleaning device to ensure that the belt is as clean as new.

4. The material will be conveyed through the incoming inclined belt conveyor to the transition hopper above the host mixer for temporary storage. The aggregate waiting hopper is a transition hopper that temporarily stores the aggregate, thus shortening the cycle time of the mixing plant.

5 . The dust removal device can collect the generated aggregates, cement and coal ash to prevent them from causing pollution to the environment. The energy storage bin includes components such as bin body, top dust collector, material level indicator, feed pipe, manual butterfly valve and arch breaking device.

6 . The cement powder is conveyed via screw conveyor to the weighing hopper for metering. the ZOOMJO power metering hopper uses precision load cells to ensure the accuracy of the powder weighing.

7 . Water and admixtures are piped to the respective weighing hoppers for weighing. After weighing, the butterfly valve below the admixture weighing hopper opens, allowing the admixture to flow into the water weighing hopper for mixing and dilution, and then to the main mixer via a booster pump.

ZOOMJO JS double horizontal shaft forced mixer

The JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer developed by ZOOMJO Group has the features of high efficiency, uniformity, reliable sealing and safety. The mixer is mainly composed of mixing system, feeding system, discharging system, water supply system, electrical system and other parts. The mixing cylinder is welded together, and five different liners are used inside the mixing cylinder, which are connected and fixed with the cylinder by countersunk screws to ensure the interchangeability of the liners. The main shaft seal adopts the new ZOOMJO patented sealing technology with multiple seals and imported original seals to ensure the reliability of the sealing performance. The mixing blade adopts the new generation of double spiral continuous mixing technology, instead of the traditional shovel type mixing blade, which can shorten the mixing time by more than 50% and increase the mixing uniformity by more than 15%. The mixing blade adopts double spiral shape, the spiral arrangement forms a double spiral and two opposite rotating axes, while the violent radial and axial propulsion movement of the material is intensified, so that the material is mixed in the mixing barrel as boiling state and in a short time.

Lubrication System

The ZOOMJO concrete mixing plant uses advanced automatic lubrication pumps for centralized lubrication of all parts to ensure that the shaft seals last for a long time.

The sprinklers are designed to be installed directly above and parallel to the two main shafts to ensure a more uniform mixing process of the water jets in the main machine. In addition, the high-pressure water jets pass through the pressure pump to quickly clean the residue adhering to both spindles, so that both spindles are always shiny and new.

Control System

The power supply of the equipment is designed with safety lock to ensure the safety of life. The advanced digital control system is adopted to centrally control the operation of each part of the machine, and the software is also well designed to facilitate the viewing of production statistics at any time.

The equipment is equipped with workbench, cabinet, monitor, air conditioner, printer and other equipment inside the plant to monitor the working status of the concrete mixing plant in real time. When the control system issues the final command, the mixed materials will be injected into the concrete mixer through the discharge hopper.

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