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The Popular Truck-Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump On The Market

2023-04-27 14:05

Truck-mounted concrete mixing pump is one of the most popular equipment in the market in recent years, and many investors have purchased this machine, which has become a popular product in the construction industry. So, why is this machine so popular? What are its advantages that have attracted many investors?

The truck-mounted concrete mixing pump has autonomous driving power, which can move quickly between different construction sites without additional transportation equipment, greatly improving the construction efficiency. Secondly, it is equipped with high-efficiency twin-shaft forced concrete mixer system and conveying concrete pumping system, which can accomplish the task of mixing and pumping concrete at the same time. This fully automatic combined mobile equipment allows the construction crew to easily perform various construction tasks while reducing labor costs and equipment rental costs.

Truck-Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

The truck-mounted concrete mixing pump has many other advantages. It adopts a fully enclosed electrical control box, which can work under harsh conditions, and the main electrical components are selected from world famous brands such as Schneider from France, Mitsubishi from Japan and Panasonic, which are safe and convenient to operate. At the same time, it also adopts double pump and double circuit open hydraulic system, the main oil pump adopts original Japanese Kawasaki products, the system is simple, the parts have long life and high reliability. 

The pumping oil circuit adopts contactless automatic reversing and delay control, which avoids reversing shock, and the reversing is accurate, smooth and reliable. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety overflow protection and automatic overpressure cut-off interceptor, so that the main pump gets multi-stage reliable protection. In addition, the suction filtration technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly extends the service life of system components while improving system reliability. Independent forced cooling and heat dissipation ensure the oil temperature is below 60 degrees.

ZOOMJO truck-mounted concrete mixer pump is an efficient, reliable and safe mobile equipment, capable of mixing and pumping concrete at the same time. It adopts electrical components and hydraulic system of world famous brands, and has many advantages such as fully enclosed electrical control box and independent forced cooling and heat dissipation, etc. The outstanding performance and excellent quality of ZOOMJO truck-mounted concrete mixer pump are popular in the market and become the first choice for investors to buy.

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