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How To Commission The Concrete Trailer Pump?

2023-04-27 14:30

Concrete trailer pump is a kind of equipment widely used in large concrete projects such as high rise, high speed, overpass and tunnel. When operating this equipment, it is very important to know more about its product performance, quality and service, as well as how to commission the concrete trailer pump. In this article, we will discuss how to commission concrete trailer pumps.

There are some basic conditions that need to be met for commissioning a concrete pump. The components, accessories and random items of the equipment to be commissioned should be fully equipped according to the standard, and the oil quality of hydraulic oil should meet the requirements. Hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water should be filled as required, and hydraulic oil should be added to the specified oil level. After commissioning, the hydraulic system should meet the standard. The diameter of concrete pump pipe for commissioning is usually 125mm, and the test concrete should meet the standard. The equipment should be placed on a horizontal, solid ground.

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Water pump inspection

Next, we will discuss how to perform the commissioning of concrete trailer pump. First is the pump inspection. After the pump is installed in place, a comprehensive inspection of the pump should be carried out first. This includes checking whether the liquid level in the tank is within the specified range, whether the hydraulic hose connector, pipe clamps and other connections are loose, whether there is oil leakage, whether the electrical component connections are broken or disconnected, whether the contact screws are loose, and whether there are foreign objects or impurities in the hopper, etc. These are all places where the pump should be checked.

Electrical inspection

Then carry out electrical inspection. In the electrical inspection, first of all, check whether the site voltage is (380±10%) V. The pump must be equipped with a special control switch, and the specifications of the cable used must be consistent with the main cable on the pump. At the same time, the ground should be connected as required and the following checks should be made:

Turn on the control circuit switch, the power indicator lights up, and the PLC module of the programmable logic controller is powered on. Observe the indicator lights on the module (start, run and fault respectively), if the start and run lights are on, but the fault light is not on, it means normal and can run normally for execution; otherwise it is not normal and the pump cannot run.

Press the motor start button to see if the motor AC contactor acts according to the program and if the motor indicator light is on. Press the pump, anti-pump, test pressure and stirring buttons respectively to see if the programmable controller has input and output signals. After finishing the pump and electrical inspection, we can enter the hydraulic system commissioning of the concrete trailer pump.

Hydraulic system debugging

The hydraulic system is the core part of the concrete trailer pump, it controls the work of the concrete pumping system, so the hydraulic system commissioning is a very critical step.

1. check whether the oil level and oil quality of hydraulic oil meet the requirements. The oil quality of the hydraulic oil should meet the requirements specified by the manufacturer and the oil level should be within the specified range.

2. Start the concrete trailer pump and check whether the oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge and other indicating instruments are normal. When the pump is started, the pressure of the hydraulic system should be adjusted first to ensure that the concrete can be pumped in normal operation.

3. We can check the working condition of the hydraulic system by test pumping. The concrete pumping pipeline and nozzle should be removed when test pumping to avoid damaging the equipment. When test pumping, the pressure of the hydraulic system should be adjusted to the standard requirements, start the motor, let the hydraulic pump work, observe the pressure gauge of the hydraulic system and the working status of each valve to ensure that each hydraulic part works normally.

Concrete pumping system commissioning

After completing the hydraulic system commissioning, we need to further commission the concrete pumping system. Concrete pumping system is the core part of concrete pump, which directly affects the pumping efficiency and pumping distance of concrete.

First of all, concrete should be added into the hopper, then start the concrete trailer pump, observe whether the concrete can be pumped normally, and check whether the pumping speed and pressure of concrete meet the requirements. If there is a problem, further debugging and troubleshooting of the pumping system is required.

In the process of concrete pumping, you also need to pay attention to check the state of the concrete pumping pipeline to prevent blockage or leakage of material.

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Debugging concrete trailer pump requires a rigorous operating process and professional technical knowledge. Only in the case of standard operation and debugging in place can we ensure the safe and efficient operation of the concrete pump. In addition, daily maintenance  of trailer-mounted concrete pump is also very important to extend the service life of the equipment and to ensure the performance and quality of the equipment.

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