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Common Types Of Concrete Pumps & Their Characteristics

2023-04-26 11:15

The concrete pump is a conveying equipment that supplies liquid concrete continuously to the required height and distance, and is especially suitable for situations where other transportation methods are inconvenient. Concrete pumps are mainly transported through horizontal or vertical pipes and the concrete transported is also known as pumped concrete.

Concrete Trailer Pumps

A concrete pump trailer is a concrete pump mounted on a single- or multi-axle trailer. Although it is compact, it can pump concrete through high pressures and, in addition to providing a convenient alternative to smaller residential pours, it can also replace high-capacity boom pumps that have slower output rates. Most trailer-mounted concrete pumps have delivery rates between 5 and 100 cubic yards per hour and up to several hundred feet.

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pumps

A concrete mixer pump is a machine that combines the multiple functions of feeding, mixing and pumping concrete in one machine. Its combination of mixing and transporting concrete not only reduces labor intensity but also saves costs. Concrete mixer pumps are suitable for places where labor and tractors are limited, such as rural roads, civil houses, tunnels and bridges.

Concrete mixer Pump

Concrete Pump

Concrete boom pumps are equipped with a long automatic robotic arm, similar to a crane, which the operator can control to extend and move to the desired position. The arm is very flexible and can be moved in any direction. Once the arm is extended and moved to the desired position, concrete can easily be pumped vertically to high-rise projects in a way that other types of concrete pumps cannot. Using a concrete boom pump saves a lot of time, and once the concrete transfer is complete, the giant extension boom can be quickly retracted to efficiently complete the task of transferring the concrete to higher ground. All the equipment associated with the concrete boom pump is compactly mounted on a single truck, making it easy to transfer to each site and keep it working efficiently.

Concrete Boom Pump

Truck-mounted concrete mixer pump

The truck-mounted concrete mixer pump is a diesel-powered truck equipped with a mixer, powerful pump and retractable hose for producing and pumping wet concrete.

Concrete Transfer Pump Truck

A concrete transfer pump truck is a diesel-powered truck equipped with a powerful pump and retractable hoses for pumping wet concrete where mixers cannot reach.

Concrete Pump Truck

Small/Micro Concrete Pumps

Small/micro concrete pumps are known for their small size and light weight. It is suitable for small construction sites such as urban and rural construction sites, especially for projects where construction space is tight.

Portable Concrete Pump

Portable concrete pump is a mobile concrete pump mounted on a chassis with wheels, which is easy to move to various construction sites. It is suitable for various construction projects such as houses, bridges, roads and tunnels.

Specialized Pumps

A specialized pump is a different type of concrete pump that is a premium option and easily available. Specialized pumps can be designed to perform special types of construction projects and are used for construction projects in mines and tunnels. Due to their special mechanism and very high cost, this type of pump is not commonly used. They can also be mounted on chutes and rails.

Concrete boom pumps VS concrete pipe line pumps

Boom and pipeline pumps are different types, but they also have some similar functions and are indispensable tools in construction work. Concrete transfer pumps can be divided into concrete trailer pumps and concrete transfer pump trucks. They are usually mounted on trucks or trailers and are also called stationary concrete pumps. They are named after the concrete transfer pumps that are equipped with transfer hoses or pipes.

The liquid concrete can be easily pumped to any location on the construction site. Because the hose is as flexible as a snake line, the concrete pipeline pump can be parked at a convenient location on the construction site. The hose can then be extended to get around obstacles and through narrow alleys to reach desired locations that trucks and trailers normally cannot reach.

Concrete pumping equipment

Both the moving arm pump and the pipeline pump help make the construction process neater, enabling more accurate measurements and precise concrete delivery, resulting in faster and more on-time work. 

Both pumps can be mounted on trucks or trailers, making them ideal for pouring concrete in restricted areas. Both pumps are capable of conveying concrete vertically and horizontally over long distances using concrete piping, and because they use hoses or pipes for delivery, they can easily pump liquid concrete to any location on the job site. On the job site, the concrete pump can be parked in a convenient location and then extended using a hose to get around obstacles and through narrow alleys to the location where the concrete needs to be poured, avoiding the tedious task of moving the concrete with a lot of manpower when using the traditional method, while also increasing efficiency.

Concrete Pump Suppliers

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete pumping equipment. We offer various types of concrete production and conveying equipment, including towed concrete pumps, concrete mixer pumps, self-loading concrete mixers, truck-mounted pumps, boom pumps, diesel concrete mixers, electric concrete transfer pumps, concrete mixing plants, etc. Our pumped concrete equipment is efficient, reliable and flexible for various construction sites and projects.

In addition to providing quality products, ZOOMJO also focuses on providing professional services to our customers. We provide comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to ensure that our customers get the best experience. Whether it is product consultation, technical support or maintenance service, ZOOMJO's professional team will provide timely and efficient solutions.

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