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Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer with Lift Hopper

ZOOMJO's reverse drum concrete mixers offer a versatile solution for small ready-mix concrete applications. Our concrete mixers are available in diesel or electric power options to meet your specific needs!
2023-09-23 15:17

Concrete Mixer With Lift Hoist

Lift concrete mixer is a kind of mechanical equipment specialized in mixing large quantity of concrete efficiently. It is equipped with a powerful mixing system that can quickly and evenly mix cement, aggregate and water to ensure the quality of concrete.
2023-09-23 10:27

Hopper Concrete Mixer for Sale

Hopper concrete mixers are essential in construction, roads, bridges and tunnels. Learn about their uses, construction and benefits. Find the best concrete mixer for your project.
2023-09-22 15:47

Drum Concrete Mixer For Sale

This article details the structure, working principle, classification, and selection points of drum concrete mixer. Learn how to choose the right mixer for your needs to ensure efficient production of quality concrete.
2023-09-09 11:43

Tilting & Non-Tilting Drum Concrete Mixers For Sale

Tilting and non-tilting drum concrete mixers are two common types of concrete mixers that have different features and uses. This article describes the working principle, features, price and suppliers of the two types of mixers.
2023-08-26 15:27

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale

Are you looking for a high quality hydraulic concrete mixer?ZOOMJO is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic concrete mixers with a powerful hydraulic system that ensures uniform mixing of concrete, thus improving the quality of the project.
2023-08-18 14:52

The Best Concrete Transfer Pump Machines

This article introduces different types of concrete delivery equipment, including tractor pumps, mixer pumps, boom pumps and pump trucks. Understand their features and applicable scenarios so as to choose the right equipment for the project and improve the construction efficiency and quality. If you need concrete conveying equipment, contact ZOOMJO for professional advice and product information.
2023-08-12 11:36

Best Concrete Pouring Pump Machines

Concrete pouring equipment is an essential and important part of building construction, and choosing the correct and efficient concrete pouring equipment is vital to ensuring project quality and construction progress. This article describes common concrete pouring equipment and chooses to provide guidelines for concrete pouring equipment to help you choose the best equipment for your project.
2023-08-11 14:40

Common Concrete Pumping Equipments

This article describes the role of concrete pumping equipment, its types (e.g., concrete trailer pump, mixer pump, boom pump, pumper, etc.), and how to choose the right equipment, including factors such as pumping distance, delivery capacity, and drive mode.
2023-08-10 15:20
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