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How to Select a Suitable Site for a Concrete Mixing Plant?

2023-06-08 11:47

The location of the concrete mixing plant has an important influence on the construction organization arrangement, construction quality and cost. The site should be selected on the premise of ensuring sufficient area, and higher terrain should be considered to prevent low ground from easily accumulating water. The raw materials must be stored in a site free from standing water because the moisture content of the raw materials affects the quality and productivity of the concrete. If the site is low-lying and prone to waterlogging, the construction of drainage channels and their drainage capacity should be considered and fully estimated to prevent waterlogging from affecting production during heavy rains.

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What is a suitable site for a mixing plant?

The following conditions should be met for a suitable place to build a mixing plant:

1. A large construction site and close to the site, usually no more than 10 km from the site.

2. The site should be located near the water source and power supply in order to supply electricity and water and reduce the frequency of power outages and investment in transmission lines.

3. The site should be hardened to facilitate loading of loading trucks and to prevent mud and other debris from entering the material.

4. The site of concrete mixing plant needs to meet the sand and stone yard area is large enough to meet the project consumption demand, and it is convenient to organize the feed replenishment. The sand and gravel should be stacked in zones to prevent the concrete grade from being inaccurate due to mixed materials.

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Concrete mixing plant site need to pay attention to the problem?

When choosing the site of concrete mixing plant, the following points need to be noted:

1. Choose a moderate location, preferably flat, to facilitate vehicle access.

2. To ensure that there are sufficient raw materials and water supply near the site. For the site selection of commercial concrete mixing plant, you should ensure that it is close to the stone quarry and sand plant, and ensure that there is sufficient water supply, and far from residential areas.

3. If you can make use of the hillside terrain and set the material yard on a higher ground level, you can reduce the loading height of the batching machine and reduce energy consumption and equipment wear. When installing the equipment foundation, you also need to pay attention to avoid the above-ground and underground fiber optic cables, cables, etc.

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What do I need to pay attention to when constructing the foundation of a mixing plant?

When constructing the foundation of concrete mixing plant, the following points need to be noted:

1. A detailed and accurate design must be carried out according to the site environment, address conditions and the machinery itself, and a strict audit must be conducted.

2. Choose a reasonable foundation structure plan, after repeated calculations and verification, to ensure that it is adapted to the site requirements. Only after a reasonable scheme is designed, the next step of construction can be carried out.

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