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Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Models, Prices & Selection Guide

2023-06-08 10:01

Concrete mixing plant is a kind of fully automatic modern construction machinery and equipment integrating storage, weighing, conveying and mixing, which is mainly used in the construction of roads, bridges, highways, high-speed railways and other engineering projects as well as concrete material sales companies.

What are the models of concrete mixing plant?

Commercial concrete mixing plants are usually available in various models. With the popularization of environmental protection awareness, commercial concrete mixing plants have completed the integration in the market. Commercial concrete mixing plants are mainly divided into fully enclosed environmentally friendly mixing plants and semi-enclosed mixing plants. There are three types of fully enclosed mixing plants: HZS120, HZS180 and HZS240, with the theoretical production capacity of 120, 180 and 240 cubic meters per hour respectively, which can basically meet the demand of general commercial concrete mixing plants. The models of semi-closed mixing plant are relatively more, almost every model is available, HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60 and HZS75, which can be selected according to the needs of users.

Stationary mixing plant

How to choose the model of concrete mixing plant?

To choose the model of concrete mixing plant, we have to distinguish between commercial mixing plant and engineering mixing plant, and there is not much difference between them. Commercial mixing plant has more strict requirements on appearance and environmental protection, while engineering mixing plant has higher requirements on continuous working endurance of equipment. To choose the type of mixing plant, you should first determine the amount of concrete to be produced per day according to the total amount of work and construction time, and then choose the suitable mixing plant according to the supply and demand.

What is the model and price of small concrete mixing plant?

Small concrete mixing plant equipment is suitable for various township construction, rural renovation construction, township road construction and other small construction projects. The model of the mixing plant equipment is determined according to the theoretical productivity. For example, HZS25 indicates the theoretical productivity of 25 square meters per hour, and the host model is JS500 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer. Other control systems and so on are the same. Now let's introduce what are the equipment models of small concrete mixing plant.

Mobile concrete mixing plant

There are five main models of small concrete mixing plant: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60 and HZS75. Generally speaking, the more widely used ones are 50 and 75 stations at present. Their theoretical production capacity is 50 and 75 square meters respectively, which basically can produce 300-500 square meters of concrete per day, which is sufficient for commercial concrete demand. Currently, more investors choose to build commercial concrete mixing plant equipment in townships, so 50 and 75 stations are recommended. The main machine configuration is one side main machine and one side half main machine. The price of the whole set of mixing plant is about 250,000-800,000 yuan, which is moderate. Moreover, these two types of mixing plants do not occupy a large area, which can meet the needs of most concrete mixing plant investors.

ZOOMJO Concrete Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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