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How To Choose The Right Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant?

2023-06-03 16:27

Concrete plays a vital role in modern construction. In order to meet the demand for concrete on construction sites, mobile concrete mixing plant was born. With its flexible mobility and efficient production capacity, it has become one of the indispensable equipment in the construction industry. In this article, we will discuss the principle and construction, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance and care methods, purchase considerations, and related technical specifications and prices of the portable concrete mixing plant.

Belt type concrete mixing plant

Understanding what is a portable mobile mixing plant?

The principle and structure of portable concrete mixing plant is based on the design of traditional mixing plant, which consists of mixing system, feeding system, storage system, control system and mobile chassis. The mixing system includes the main mixing machine, mixing tank and mixing blades, which fully mix the cement, sand, stone and other materials through the rotation of the blades. The feeding system transports the raw materials to the mixing machine, and the storage system is used to store the mixed concrete. The control system is responsible for monitoring and controlling the whole mixing process to ensure the stability and accuracy of production. The mobile chassis provides easy mobility, allowing the plant to be quickly moved from one site to another.

What are the advantages of a mobile mixing plant?

A mobile concrete mixing plant has many advantages over a traditional stationary mixing plant. It has the flexibility to be moved and deployed at any time depending on the needs of the site. This allows the site to utilize resources efficiently and reduce logistics costs. The mobile mixing plant has a high production capacity and can produce large quantities of concrete in a short period of time to meet the needs of rapid construction. The mobile mixing plant has a relatively small footprint and requires less space on the site.

How to maintain the concrete mixing plant?

In order to keep the mobile concrete mixing plant running properly, maintenance and upkeep are crucial. Check and clean the mixing system regularly to ensure proper operation of the mixing blades and adequate mixing of materials. Clean and maintain the feed system and storage system to prevent material accumulation and blockage. In addition, pay attention to the maintenance of the control system, repair and replace damaged parts in time. Regularly maintain the mobile chassis, check the wheels, suspension and braking system to ensure safe transportation.

What is the price of concrete mixing plant?

The price of mobile concrete mixing plant varies depending on the brand, specification and configuration. Usually, mobile mixing plants of big brands are more expensive but have more guarantee in terms of quality and after-sales service. When buying a mobile mixing plant, you need to choose according to the site's needs and budget.

What parameters do I need to know to buy a mixing plant?

The technical specifications and capacity requirements of a mobile concrete mixing plant depend on the size and needs of the site. Generally speaking, technical specifications include parameters such as production capacity, mixing time, feeding method and control system. The capacity requirements depend on the amount of concrete to be produced at the site per day.

Mixing Plant Supplier

Environmental Advantages of Mobile Mixing Plants

Mobile concrete mixing plants have environmental characteristics and energy saving advantages. Due to its efficient production capacity, it can reduce energy consumption and waste generation in the concrete production process. In addition, some mobile mixing plants use advanced dust removal equipment and noise control measures to reduce the impact on the environment and surrounding residents.

Transportation and Installation of Mobile Mixing Plant

The transportation and installation process of a mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively simple. Generally speaking, it can be transported by truck, and after arriving at the target site, it only needs simple installation and commissioning to be put into use. It is recommended to seek guidance and support from professional technicians during the installation and commissioning process to ensure safety and reliability.

Mobile Mixing Plant Manufacturers

If you are looking for a mobile concrete mixing plant, ZOOMJO is a manufacturer worth considering. As a well-known manufacturer of mixing plant equipment, ZOOMJO offers various types and specifications of mobile mixing plants to meet the needs of different construction sites. At the same time, ZOOMJO provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure the performance and stability of the equipment.

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