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What u Need To Know About Choosing Concrete Mixing Plant?

2023-06-03 11:11

With the continuous development of urban construction and the increase of construction demand, concrete mixing plant has become one of the essential equipment on the construction site. And in this field, mobile concrete mixing plant is attracting much attention for its flexibility and high efficiency. In this article, we will introduce the working principle, advantages and disadvantages of mobile concrete mixing plant, the price of mixing plant, as well as the maintenance and servicing methods, and the transportation and installation process.

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What is the construction of a mixing plant?

Mobile concrete mixing plant is a portable concrete production equipment, which can be moved flexibly between different sites. It consists of mixing equipment, conveying equipment, weighing equipment and control system. The mixing plant equipment usually adopts automatic control system, which can realize the automatic operation of concrete proportioning, mixing, transportation and other processes.

What is the working principle of mobile mixing plant?

The working principle of a mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively simple. First, the raw materials (cement, aggregates, additives, etc.) are fed into the mixer through the conveying equipment. Then, the mixer starts to rotate and mixes the raw materials thoroughly to form a homogeneous concrete. The concrete is then transported via the conveying equipment to the desired location for pouring or storage.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a portable mixing plant?

The advantages of a portable concrete mixing plant are its flexibility and efficiency. Firstly, thanks to its mobility, it can be quickly repositioned and adapted to the needs of different sites. In this way, the mobile concrete mixing plant can easily cope with both busy construction sites in urban centers and construction projects in remote areas. Secondly, the mobile concrete mixing plant has an efficient production capacity and is able to prepare large quantities of concrete quickly. This means that the construction schedule can be effectively controlled and the work efficiency can be improved for the construction sites.

Mobile concrete mixing plants also have some disadvantages. Due to the mobile nature of the equipment, the production capacity of a mobile concrete mixing plant may be slightly reduced compared to a stationary plant. In addition, the cost of a mobile mixing plant is relatively high, and the purchase cost and transportation cost of the equipment need to be considered. Therefore, when choosing to use a mobile concrete mixing plant, you need to take into account the project scale, duration and economic factors.

How much does a cement mixing plant cost?

The price of a mobile concrete mixing plant varies depending on the equipment specification, brand and configuration. In general, smaller capacity mobile mixing plants are relatively inexpensive, while larger capacity or high performance equipment is more expensive. In addition, well-known brands and high quality equipment tend to be relatively more expensive because they offer better guarantees in terms of performance, reliability and after-sales service. The most accurate price information can be obtained by consulting with mixing plant manufacturers or suppliers.

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How to maintain and care for the mixing plant?

For the maintenance and servicing of mobile concrete mixing plant, it is very important to check the working condition and lubrication of the equipment regularly. The cleaning and lubrication of the equipment can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure its normal operation. Meanwhile, timely replacement of badly worn parts is also the key to keep the equipment in good working condition.

How to transport and install the concrete mixing plant?

During the transportation and installation of mobile concrete mixing plant, some key steps need to be noted.

1. Ensure the stability of the equipment and take proper fixing measures to prevent accidents during transportation.

2. Follow the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer during installation to ensure proper installation and commissioning of the equipment.

3. After installation, carry out functional inspection and testing of the equipment to ensure that it is working properly for smooth operation.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Concrete Mixing Plant

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