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Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Specifications & Model Introduction

2023-05-05 15:29

Self-loading concrete mixer is a common kind of construction machinery and equipment, which is widely used for concrete mixing and conveying. Self-loading concrete mixers are available in various models. According to different project requirements, choosing different specifications of self-loading concrete mixers can improve project efficiency and reduce project costs.

At present, the types of ZOOMJO's self-loading concrete mixers include 6 models, such as ZC-1.2, ZC-1.8, ZC-2.6, ZC-3.5, ZC-4.0, ZC-5.5 and ZC-6.5.

Small self-loading concrete mixer

Among them, ZC-1.2 indicates the displacement of 1.2 cubic meters per batch. There are four specifications of small self-loading concrete mixer: 1.2 cubic meters, 1.8 cubic meters, 2.6 cubic meters and 3.5 cubic meters, which are suitable for small and medium-sized construction projects.

Large Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

The large self-loading concrete mixers, on the other hand, are available in 4 cubic meters, 5.5 cubic meters and 6.5 cubic meters. They are suitable for large projects, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, etc. These large self-loading concrete mixers usually need a professional driver to operate them, and they can mix and deliver concrete quickly and efficiently at the construction site.

Self Loading Cement Mixer

Flat-Mouth self-loading concrete mixers

In addition to concrete mixers of different sizes, there are also flat-mouth self-loading concrete mixers. The flat-mouth self-loading concrete mixer is a special type of self-loading concrete mixer with unique mixing performance, which can better mix concrete and improve the quality and stability of concrete.

Choosing the right size of self-loading concrete mixer is crucial for the smooth running of construction projects. Before buying a self-loading concrete mixer, you need to make a comprehensive consideration according to the project requirements, equipment performance and construction environment in order to choose the most suitable equipment.

ZOOMJO is a professional self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer, which produces a wide range of equipment, including concrete pumps, concrete mixer pumps, self-loading concrete mixer trucks, concrete mixing plants, etc.. The high quality and reliability of these equipments have been recognized by many countries and regions, such as Nigeria, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Australia, etc. As a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, ZOOMJO is committed to providing efficient and durable equipment to provide customers with better quality products and services.

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