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Guide To The Use Of Ground Line Concrete Pumps

2023-04-22 11:10

While a pipe pump is a pump on a trailer or truck, an ground line concrete pump is a trailer concrete pump whose most distinctive feature is that there is no boom system compared to a boom pump, and concrete delivery must be done through a delivery pipe or hose. Compared with the boom pump truck, the ground line concrete pump is more compact, but more convenient and flexible in operation and delivery.

First of all, the outlet of the ground line concrete pump is connected to a long hose, so that the concrete material can be transported horizontally to the desired work site. Secondly, the size of the ground line concrete pump is relatively small, so it can work in some special locations, such as alleys, mountainous areas and other narrow spaces.

When transporting the concrete pump by trailer, you need to make sure that the landing gear is closed and the guide wheel is fully retracted to avoid contact with the ground. At the same time, the speed of the trailer should be moderate, not more than 15 km per hour, to avoid damage to the concrete pump. Cables should be tied securely to avoid being caught in the wheels or other mechanical parts.

In the process of operating the pump, it is necessary to operate the guide wheel handle so that the guide wheel retracts upward, the front end of the trailer frame is downward and the whole vehicle is tilted forward. Lower the rear landing gear, insert the locating pin and tighten the locking pin of the locating pin. Next, operate the guide wheel handle to make the guide wheel move downward, jack up the front end of the trailer frame, lower the front landing gear, and insert the positioning pin.

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After the above operation is completed, you need to first keep the ground line concrete pump roughly horizontal, then make the four landing legs close to the ground at the same time, next make sure the tires are not loaded, and finally retract the guide wheel. If necessary, jack support can be used to ensure the concrete pump is stable and safe during operation.

Before using the ground line concrete pump, the following points should be noted:

1. Check the positioning of the groundline pump. It should be fixed on roughly horizontal solid ground with all four landing legs landing at the same time to ensure that the tires are not under load. If the ground at the construction site is soft, it needs to be fixed with wood or boards to prevent settling.

2. Check the laying and connection of each pipe to see if the straight pipes are in the same straight line, if the pipe layout is reasonable, and if the nozzle joints are tight.

3. Check whether the water tank and water bucket are filled with water.

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4. Check the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank to see if the oil level of the grease pump tank is full. If it is not enough, fill it up. Pump oil manually and check whether the oil supply of each lubrication point is normal.

5. Check whether the cable connector is loose and broken, and see whether the switch is in the "off" position. Then turn off the power switch and check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct.

After the ground line concrete pump finishes working, pay attention to the cleaning work, including opening the positive pump to idle for 3~4 strokes, discharging the residual concrete, cleaning the concrete in the hopper and S pipe, and then injecting water into the hopper to keep the pumping pipe wet. Finally, close the throttle, turn off the power, shut down the engine and clean the equipment.

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The operation and use of the underground line concrete pump is relatively simple, but some necessary inspection and cleaning work is needed before and after use to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

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