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ZOOMJO Hzs180 Concrete Mixing Plant Successfully Installed In Chengdu

ZOOMJO's HZS180 concrete mixing plant adopts advanced technology and high quality materials, with an output capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour and two discharge units, which can be widely used in various construction projects and is an indispensable equipment for the construction industry.
2023-04-06 10:54

High-Efficiency Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Singapore

ZOOOMJO has recently succeeded in exporting a mobile concrete mixing plant with high productivity and quality to the Singapore market. Equipped with high quality equipment and fully automatic computer control, the plant is capable of achieving a production rate of 120 cubic meters per hour.
2023-04-06 10:03

ZOOMJO Successfully Delivered Concrete Mixing Plant To Vietnamese Customer

ZOOMJO successfully delivered a HZS50 concrete mixing plant, including a twin-shaft concrete mixer, a large-capacity aggregate bin and a detachable cement silo, to a customer in Vietnam.
2023-04-05 17:14

Zoomjo Exports Concrete Mixing Plants To Philippines

ZOOMJO has reached a partnership agreement with a Philippine builder to export concrete equipment. The Filipino builder highly appreciates the technology and quality of ZOOMJO equipment, as they improve the efficiency of construction and the quality of concrete.
2023-04-05 15:36

Introduction To Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance & Repair

This paper explores the importance of concrete mixing plant problems. Firstly, it introduces the practical significance of mixing plant management and maintenance; secondly, it dissects the common failures; finally, it explores the maintenance and repair strategies.
2023-04-04 14:42

Kenyan Building Materials Supplier Purchases Zoomjo Concrete Equipment

ZOOMJO recently successfully sold a batch of concrete mixing equipment, including two ZJY-35 portable concrete mixing plants and five concrete mixing pumps, to a Kenyan construction materials supplier.
2023-04-03 11:52

Singaporean Customers Visit Zoomjo for ZJ180 Concrete Batching Plant Exploration

ZOOMJO is a manufacturer specializing in concrete mixing equipment, and its ZJ180 concrete mixing plant is the company's latest product, which can produce 180 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The plant's main machine uses JS3000 mixers and is suitable for a variety of large infrastructure construction projects and where there is a high demand for concrete.
2022-12-23 14:07

Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment Production Line Ushers In Peak Demand Season

The peak season of concrete mixing plant equipment sales has arrived, and the sales volume of products of Coking International Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continues to rise, not only meeting domestic demand, but also exporting to Russia, Kazakhstan and other places.
2022-11-30 15:01
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