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Concrete Mixing Plant Routine Maintenance Guide

2023-04-18 09:08

In industrial production, the normal operation and maintenance of equipment is very important, especially for large equipment like concrete mixing plant. The following are some important maintenance matters that can help ensure the normal operation of concrete mixing plant.

You need to check the working condition of the smooth points of each rotating part and replenish the smooth oil in time. These parts include mixing shaft, reducer, bearings, etc. If the smooth oil is insufficient or of poor quality, it may lead to equipment failure.

Need to regularly check the amount of smooth oil in the smooth oil cup of the mixer, and add oil as needed. Smooth oil is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, so it needs special attention.

Check the oil level of the oil misters once a week and refill them in time. Oil misters are one of the important parts of the concrete mixing plant and need to be ensured to operate normally.

Once a day, the water valve needs to be turned over to drain the water condensed in the air compressor and storage tank. Water can affect the normal operation of the equipment, so it needs to be drained regularly.

Batching plant equipment production workshop

Some bolts and nuts may be loose and need to be checked periodically and tightened in time.

Make sure the water supply, air, admixture system and all equipment are in order. These equipments are necessary for the normal operation of concrete mixing plant and need to ensure their stable operation.

Check whether the electrical control system and each instrument are normal. These equipments need to be checked regularly to ensure their normal operation.

Check whether the mixing shaft and simplified cleaning of the concrete mixer are clean. If there is too much concrete coalesced on the mixing shaft, it needs to be cleaned manually.

Regularly sort out or replace the filters in the cement bin dust collector. Cement bin dust collector is one of the key components to reduce dust pollution.

large stationary concrete mixing plant

Regularly clean the residual powder in the dust collector pipe of the main machine to prevent blockage. These residues can affect the normal operation of the equipment.

If the downtime is longer than one week, the cement, water, admixtures and various aggregates need to be emptied. This will prevent unnecessary losses during downtime.

Maintenance of the concrete mixing plant is an important part of ensuring the proper operation of industrial production. Through regular inspections and maintenance, the losses and effects of equipment breakdowns and downtime can be avoided.

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