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How to Select a Suitable Site for a Concrete Mixing Plant?

Understanding the local conditions suitable for building a mixing plant and the issues to be noted in the site and infrastructure construction of the plant is crucial to ensure the efficient operation of the concrete mixing plant.
2023-06-08 11:47

Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Models, Prices & Selection Guide

There are many different models of concrete batching plants, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This guide will discuss the different models of concrete mixing plants, their prices, and how to choose the right equipment for your project.
2023-06-08 10:01

Small Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Exported To Kazakhstan

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plant equipment, offering a wide range of models of mixing plants and mixer equipment, including mobile, large stationary and drum mixing plants.
2023-06-07 14:34

Foundation-Free Concrete Mixing Plant Successfully Exported To Nigeria

ZOOMJO recently successfully exported a foundation-free concrete mixing plant to Ibadan, Nigeria. The compact foundation-free plant offers flexibility and adaptability to improve construction efficiency and quality.
2023-06-07 11:11

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers

When you buy a ZOOMJO mixing plant, you will enjoy the guarantee of high quality equipment, free installation, commissioning and operation guidance, and a full year warranty. Ask us anytime for a detailed quote, as well as limited-time offers and in-stock availability.
2023-06-07 09:43

Workflow & Process Of Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant

Understand the working principle and intelligent control system of a concrete mixing plant. Gain insight into the material feeding, measuring, conveying, mixing and discharging processes of a mixing plant through process flow diagrams.
2023-06-06 17:20

How Do I Choose A Batching Plant?

By understanding the different types of mixing plants and their respective advantages, taking into account key factors such as production capacity, quality reliability, degree of automation, energy consumption, etc., you can easily choose the model of mixing plant that meets your needs.
2023-06-05 17:54

Differences Between Various Types Of Concrete Mixing Plants

ZOOMJO offers many types of concrete mixing plants, including belt conveyor type, bucket feed type, foundation-free type, stationary type and mobile type to meet the needs of different projects. No matter how big or small, we make sure to provide you with high quality concrete solutions.
2023-06-05 15:41

How To Choose Best Mobile Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Manufacturer?

This article provides key information to consider when selecting a concrete mixing plant manufacturer, including checking quality, verifying the supplier's credit and credentials, consulting with the supplier's customers, checking the supplier's systems, and confirming after-sales service details.
2023-06-05 14:36
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