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Types of Concrete Batching Plants

2023-12-20 10:50

A concrete batching plant is a device used to produce concrete by mixing cement, aggregates, water and other additives in certain proportions to meet the needs of different projects. Concrete batching plants are important equipment for the production of concrete and can be divided into three types: mobile, stationary and compact, depending on the size of the plant, logistic possibilities, production capacity and the degree of optimization of the additional equipment.

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Mobile concrete batching plants

Mobile concrete batching plants, also known as portable concrete batching plants, have the advantages of being small, easy to move, install and dismantle, and are suitable for temporary needs such as construction sites. Their production capacity is generally between 30 and 180 cubic meters per hour. This type of concrete batching plant is usually equipped with double shaft concrete mixer, batching machine, control system, etc., which can automatically complete the process of concrete batching, mixing and discharging.

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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is a kind of large-scale concrete production equipment, which is usually installed in a fixed site. This type of concrete batching plant is usually equipped with a large mixer, batching machine and control system, etc., which can efficiently produce large quantities of concrete. Stationary concrete batching plants have the advantages of high production capacity and good stability, and are suitable for fixed demand sites such as concrete production companies. Their production capacity generally ranges from 25 cubic meters to 240 cubic meters per hour.

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Compact Concrete Batching Plant

The compact concrete batching plant is a concrete production equipment that combines the advantages of stationary and mobile types. It can be installed and dismantled on the ground without foundation, and is highly adaptable and economical, making it ideal for undertaking a wide range of projects. The advantages of the compact concrete mixing plant lie in its compactness and flexibility. Thanks to its miniaturized design and mobility, it can be quickly deployed at different project sites, avoiding the problems of long time installation and transportation required for stationary concrete batching plants. At the same time, the compact concrete batching plant has a smaller footprint and can be adapted to different site conditions.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant from China

ZOOMJO produces compact concrete batching plants with capacities ranging from 30 cubic meters to 200 cubic meters to meet the concrete needs of construction projects of all sizes and types. Compact concrete batching plants are ideal for undertaking a wide range of projects.

Choosing a Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is an important piece of equipment for concrete production, and the following factors need to be considered when choosing one:

Factory scale: If the factory is small, you can choose mobile concrete batching plant; if the factory is large, you can choose fixed or compact concrete batching plant.

Production capacity: according to the production demand of the factory, choose the appropriate production capacity. The production capacity of concrete batching plant is generally between 30 cubic meters and 200 cubic meters per hour.

Concrete Batching Plant Customer Case

Examining the manufacturer: choose the concrete batching plant produced by regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Additional equipment: choose the right additional equipment according to the needs of the plant, such as cement silo, aggregate silo, water system, electrical system and so on.

Concrete batching plant is an important equipment for concrete production, and its purchase and use are crucial. When purchasing, all factors should be considered comprehensively to meet the production demand.

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plant, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and services. Our after-sales service covers all aspects of product installation, commissioning, training, repair and maintenance, providing 24/7 service support for our customers. We always aim at customer satisfaction, solving any problems and difficulties for our customers and protecting their interests and rights.

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