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What is a Compact Concrete Plant?

2023-12-09 10:57

According to the concrete production volume and mobility, concrete plants can be categorized into three types: stationary, mobile and compact. Compact concrete plant is a kind of concrete production equipment between stationary and mobile concrete mixing plant. It has the production capacity of a stationary concrete mixing plant and the portability of a mobile concrete mixing plant. Compact concrete plant is widely used in construction, municipal, road, bridge and other fields, and can be used to produce various kinds of concrete, such as ordinary concrete, prestressed concrete, high strength concrete and so on.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

The main components of compact concrete plant are:

✅ Aggregate silos: used for storing and supplying aggregates, such as sand, gravel, etc. Usually there are four or more silos, which can be used for batching according to different specifications and ratios.

Bucket elevators or conveyor belts: Used to convey the aggregates from the silos to the mixer, different types of conveyors can be selected according to different needs.

✅ Concrete Mixer: Used to mix aggregate, cement, water and other additives into concrete, different types of mixers can be selected, such as double shaft mixer, planetary mixer, single shaft mixer, etc.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant Structure

Cement silo: used for storing and supplying cement, different types of cement silo can be selected according to different capacity, such as screw type cement silo, combined type cement silo, etc.

✅ Cement Screw Conveyor: Used for conveying cement from the cement silo to the mixer, which can realize precise metering and control.

Water system: used for supplying and metering water, including water pump, water tank, water meter, etc.

Control system: used to control the whole concrete production process, including batching, mixing, unloading, etc. Different control modes can be selected, such as automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control, etc.

Concrete Batching Plant Working Principle

Unloading system: used to unload the mixed concrete from the mixer, different unloading modes can be selected, such as hydraulic unloading, pneumatic unloading, manual unloading and so on.

Compact concrete plants are usually designed to be mobile and easy to operate in various environments. These plants have the advantage of being small and lightweight, and can be easily moved indoors and outdoors, thus facilitating concrete production in different locations.ZOOMJO offers a wide range of Compact Concrete Plants with capacities ranging from 30 m³/h to 200 m³/h. These plants are easy to transport and install. These plants are easy to transport, easy to install and can be exported all over the world, making them ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that produce and sell concrete directly.

ZOOMJO is a company specializing in the production of concrete plants, and its compact range of concrete plants consists of several models that can be specially designed to meet the needs of the customer. These plants are not only easy to transport but also simple to install and are suitable for construction projects all over the world. As a world brand, ZOOMJO is committed to continuously improving its technology and providing customers with high-quality concrete production solutions.

concrete mixing plant cement silo

Specifications of ZOOMJO Compact Concrete Plant

ModelHZS / ZJ25HZS / ZJ35HZS / ZJ50HZS / ZJ60HZS / ZJ75HZS / ZJ90HZS / ZJ120HZS / ZJ180HZS / ZJ240
Concrete mixerJS 500JS750JS1000JS1000JS1500JS1500JS2000JS3000JS4000
Mixer discharging capacity0.5m³0.75m³1m³1m³1.5m³1.5m³2m³3m³4m³
Feeding ModeLift HopperLift HopperLift HopperBelt ConveyorLift HopperBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt Conveyor
Aggregate batching machinePLD800PLD1000PLD1600PLD1600PLD2400PLD2400PLD3200PLD4800PLD6400
Kinds of aggregate2/3/42/3/43/43/4/53/43/4/53/4/53/4/53/4/5
Max aggregate size80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm
Discharging height3.8m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.3m4.3m4.3m
Aggregate weighing accuracy±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%
Cement weighting accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Water weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Additive weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
General installed power≈65kw≈75kw≈100kw≈110kw≈140kw≈160kw≈220kw≈290kw≈340kw

Compact concrete plants skillfully combine flexibility and efficiency to provide the ideal concrete production solution for small construction projects. If you are looking for a convenient, efficient and cost-effective way to produce concrete, please feel free to contact us.ZOOMJO is a partner you can rely on to provide you with competitive factory prices, high quality and reliable products, as well as comprehensive after-sales service support.

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