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Concrete Plant Prices

2023-12-11 13:55

In order to create quality concrete, we need to use specialized concrete production plant for mixing, metering, conveying and molding processes. There is a wide range of concrete production plant on the market, and they have different prices, types, features and construction methods. So, what is the price of concrete plant and how to choose the right concrete production plant?

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Price factors of concrete plant

The price of concrete plant is one of the most important factors affecting the user's purchasing decision. The price of concrete plant is affected by a variety of factors, mainly the following:

✔️ The type of concrete plant: concrete plant can be divided into three types: fixed, mobile and compact, according to its production capacity and mobility. Generally speaking, the price of stationary concrete plants is higher than that of mobile and compact concrete plants, because the structure of stationary concrete plants is more complicated, the production capacity is higher, and the installation cost is higher.

✔️ Specifications of concrete plant: the specifications of concrete plant mainly include the type of mixer, capacity, power, voltage and other parameters. The price of concrete plant with different specifications is also different. Generally speaking, the more advanced the type of mixer, the larger the capacity, the higher the power, the higher the voltage, the higher the price of the concrete plant.

✔️ Brand of concrete plant: the brand of concrete plant is an important symbol reflecting the quality, performance, reputation and service of concrete plant. The price of different brands of concrete plant is also different. The price of concrete plant of well-known brands is higher than that of ordinary brands of concrete plant, because the quality of concrete plant of well-known brands is more guaranteed, the performance is more stable, the reputation is better, and the service is more perfect.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Introduction to the types of concrete plant

Concrete plant mainly consists of feeding belt, aggregate hopper, automation system, cement silo, concrete mixer, aggregate weighing scale and aggregate bin. There are three main types of concrete plants commonly found in the market: mobile concrete plants, stationary concrete plants and compact concrete plants. These plants are designed with different configurations and hence their prices will vary according to the type.

✅ Stationary Concrete Plants

A stationary concrete mixing plant is a type of plant that works in a fixed work area for a long period of time. It usually has a high production capacity and is suitable for companies that require long-term, steady production. A significant advantage of this type of plant is that it is highly productive and can fulfill large-scale concrete needs. However, at the same time, its installation and dismantling process may be more complicated and require certain specialized skills.

✅ Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Compared to a stationary concrete batching plant, a mobile concrete plant is a plant that can be moved around for short periods of time to work in different work areas. One of its significant advantages is its flexibility to quickly adapt to different work environments and needs.

✅ Compact Concrete Batching Plant

The compact concrete plant is a concrete production plant that is in between a stationary and a mobile concrete batching plant. It has the production capacity of a stationary concrete batching plant and the portability of a mobile concrete batching plant.

Concrete Batching Plant Types

How to choose the right concrete production plant?

When choosing concrete plant, enterprises need to consider their own needs. For enterprises that need long-term stable production and have a large production scale, stationary concrete mixing plant may be a better choice. And for companies that need to work for short periods of time, or need to change jobs quickly at different locations, mobile concrete batching plant may be more appropriate.

In addition to the type of plant, the manufacturer of the plant is also a factor to consider. Different manufacturers may offer different models of plant at different prices. When purchasing plant, companies need to fully investigate the market, compare the performance, price, after-sales service and other factors of different plant, and choose the most suitable plant for them.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

ZOOMJO Group, as a concrete plant manufacturer, we produce according to EU standards, not only provide different models of plant, but also focus on the durability and performance of the products, we provide reasonable solutions for the concrete plant needs of enterprises. You can contact us for your required concrete plant model and get detailed information.

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