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Manual Concrete Mixers Machine for Sale

2023-12-08 10:49

If you want to create quality concrete, you need to use specialized concrete mixing equipment to blend ingredients like cement, sand, gravel, and water. There are a variety of concrete mixing equipment available on the market, but if your construction project is small or you are on a limited budget, you probably don't need to buy an expensive large concrete mixer. All you need is a manual cement mixer and you can easily get your job done.

Various types of concrete mixing equipment

A manual cement mixer is a small, lightweight concrete mixing equipment that is easy to move and maneuver. Generally, manual concrete mixers are especially suitable for small construction projects, such as houses, gardens, roads and so on. You just need to put the ingredients into the mixing drum and start the concrete mixer to mix uniform, dense and strong concrete. Manual concrete mixer also has the advantages of mobile portability, easy operation, fast mixing speed and large mixing bucket capacity.

As a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, ZOOMJO has been focusing on the creation and innovation of manual concrete mixer, and our manual concrete mixer is reasonable in price, high in quality and good in service. At present, we have a wide range of concrete mixer products to meet your construction project requirements. Our manual concrete mixers are available in a variety of models that can be selected according to your specific needs.

Concrete Mixing Equipment Customer Case

ZOOMJO Portable Drum Concrete Mixer

Designed for mixing and blending concrete, the Portable Drum Concrete Mixer has a structure consisting of a cylindrical mixing drum equipped with internal mixing blades or mixing arms to ensure that the concrete is well mixed to meet the needs of construction sites and other concrete requirements. To enhance flexibility and mobility, these mixers are usually designed to be portable and configured with wheels to facilitate flexible movement and use between construction sites. Portable drum concrete mixers are available in both diesel and electric models, and the choice of electric or diesel model depends on factors such as specific site conditions, power availability, environmental requirements, and budget.

Portable Drum Concrete Mixer

ZOOMJO Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

The self-loading concrete mixer is a construction machinery equipment specially designed for concrete mixing and transportation. It combines the functions of a concrete mixer and a transporter with the ability to load, mix, transport and discharge materials automatically. This type of mixer is usually used in construction sites, road construction and other projects that require large quantities of concrete.

ZOOMJO offers different models of self loading concrete mixers such as ZC1.8, ZC2.6, ZC3.5, ZC4.0, ZC5.5 and ZC6.5 to meet the diversified needs of customers. If you are interested in these models or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with detailed information and answers within 24 hours.

Self-loading Concrete Mixer

ZOOMJO has made remarkable achievements in the field of construction machinery production, and our business scope covers products such as concrete mixing plant, pumping concrete mixer, cement silo, concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar production line and block machine. Every year we export a huge amount of products, and we have passed ISO and CE certifications to ensure the professionalism and reliability of our products. In order to serve our customers better, we have set up several sales points overseas. You can choose us with confidence in our ability to meet and exceed your needs.

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