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Portable Concrete Plant

2023-12-13 10:26

Concrete is a key material in the construction industry and is widely used in projects such as houses, bridges, roads and infrastructure. Traditionally, the production of concrete relies heavily on stationary concrete mixing plants. However, as the construction industry grows, so does the demand for flexibility and efficiency.

The ZOOMJO portable concrete plant is a mobile concrete mixing plant that can produce and supply concrete anywhere, anytime, for projects of all sizes and types.

portable concrete mixing plant for sale

ZOOMJO is a leader in portable concrete mixing plants and equipment. We offer a range of portable mixing plants that are easy to install and adapt to any environment.ZOOMJO's portable concrete plants enable construction contractors to start work in a short period of time and reduce the cost of fuel, labor and additional equipment.

Portable Concrete Batching Plant Working Principle Diagram

ZOOMJO's portable concrete plants offer many advantages, including:

✔️ Completely self-sufficient: No additional power supply is required and can be used anywhere.

✔️ Takes up minimal space in the work area: easily adapts to any environment.

✔️ Can be set up and start working in a short period of time: e.g. in one day.

✔️ Capacity ranges from 30 cubic meters to 150 cubic meters for a wide range of projects.

Concrete Batching Plant Customer Case

Components of a mobile concrete batching plant

A mobile concrete batching plant contains all the equipment of a stationary concrete batching plant. These equipment and systems are as follows:

⚙️ Concrete Mixer: It is the most important component of a concrete mixing plant. The mobile mixing plant can be equipped with either pan mixer or twin shaft concrete mixer, which should be selected according to the mixing of wet, dry or any aggregate concrete.

⚙️ Weighing System: The weighing system has a major impact on the cost of production and also determines the quality of concrete. It is important to use electronic scales and computerized systems to control the weighing system.

⚙️ Transportation Systems: There are two different types of transportation systems, hoppers and belt conveyor systems. Belt conveyor system is preferred due to its high capacity.ZOOMJO Portable Concrete Batching Plants are available in different types of transportation systems i.e. hopper and belt conveyor system.

⚙️ STORAGE SYSTEM: The storage system is generally known as silo and is made of waterproof high quality steel.

⚙️ CONTROL SYSTEM: This system controls the entire production process, thereby reducing labor costs and facilitating quality control mechanisms.

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