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Best Concrete Pumps

Learn how to choose the best concrete pump, taking into account factors such as the reality of the construction project, daily needs and production capacity. ZOOMJO offers a wide range of concrete pumps to meet different construction needs and is a trusted manufacturer of concrete machinery with a complete quality and maintenance guarantee. Contact ZOOMJO GROUP for more details.
2023-05-05 11:18

How To Choose The Best Concrete Pump?

In concrete construction, choosing the best concrete pump requires consideration of several aspects, such as the actual needs and specific details of the construction project. zOOMJO is a professional concrete machinery manufacturer that offers the best concrete pump selection solutions with reliable product quality, easy maintenance and perfect service to meet various concrete construction needs.
2023-05-05 10:23

Concrete Mixing Pump Model & Application Scenario Introduction

ZOOMJO manufacturer provides you with many models of concrete pump truck products, including concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump and truck-mounted pump, which are suitable for different construction scenarios. Choosing a regular manufacturer and professional construction team can ensure the use and construction quality of concrete pump trucks.
2023-05-04 17:38

What Is The Farthest Conveying Distance Of Concrete Pump?

ZOOMJO manufactures concrete pumps in a wide range of types and with different conveying capacities, including diesel and electric power sources. Whether you need a long distance or height delivery, or a small automated concrete pump, we can meet your needs. Choosing the right concrete pump will ensure construction efficiency, control costs and improve quality.
2023-05-04 17:15

Concrete Mixing Pump Conveying Pipeline Cleaning Maintenance & Repair

Concrete mixer pump delivery line maintenance and cleaning is the key to ensure the long-term efficient work and safe operation of the equipment. This article details the cleaning sequence and maintenance precautions of concrete mixer pump delivery pipeline, aiming to help readers operate the equipment correctly and prolong the service life.
2023-05-04 16:39

The Influence Factors Of Concrete Pump Oil Consumption & Solutions

To reduce concrete pump fuel consumption, you need to start from several aspects, such as adjusting tire pressure, choosing the right pumping method and chassis engine, and controlling the size of the displacement. In addition, the operator's experience will also affect the fuel consumption. Learn more about the concrete pump fuel saving tips, please click to understand.
2023-05-04 15:40

Causes And Solutions Of Concrete Pump Clogging

To avoid pipe clogging, it is important to use concrete pumps correctly. This article describes five key methods, including wetting the pipes, securing the lines, preventing air entry, cleaning and maintenance, and the importance of paying attention to pipe diameter and length.
2023-04-28 16:33

ZOOMJO Explains The Whole Process From Production To Delivery Of Concrete Plants

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete equipment in China. When manufacturing equipment, we provide customized solutions for our customers and focus on production standards and quality management. If you want to know the whole process of equipment production to delivery, this article will give you detailed answers.
2023-04-28 16:02

How To Operate Concrete Mixing Pump?

To improve the efficiency of building construction, concrete mixing pump is an essential equipment. This article introduces the operation of concrete mixing pumps, including steps such as piping arrangement, starting the equipment and loading concrete. By mastering these skills and experiences, operators can easily control the equipment for efficient and fast construction.
2023-04-28 15:19
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