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Environmental Problems & Solutions Of Traditional Concrete Mixing Plant

2023-05-20 16:05

Concrete mixing plant is the equipment that plays an important role in improving the efficiency and quality of concrete production. However, with the rapid economic development, we cannot ignore the environmental problems caused by concrete mixing plants. Traditional concrete mixing plant has environmental problems such as dust, waste water sludge and noise, and we will introduce the causes of these problems and propose improvement and protection measures below. In the meantime, you may consider choosing a concrete mixing plant equipped with dust collector and advanced technology offered by ZOOMJO GROUP.

The main environmental problems of traditional concrete mixing plants include the following:

Dust problems: Dust mainly comes from wind-blown dust from the transportation of sand and gravel, loading and unloading vehicles, natural stacking, as well as dust from oil leakage and tumbling during forklift loading. In addition, pumping various powdery materials and powder tank unloading will also produce dust, while the aggregate entering the mixer and the inclined belt of the pending bin will also produce a large amount of dust mixture.

Wastewater and residue problems: Wastewater is mainly generated from washing concrete tankers and mixers, which contains insoluble materials such as sand and gravel, powdery mixtures and admixtures. In addition, wastewater is also generated from large vehicles when washing the plant and entering and leaving the plant, which is relatively simple and stable in composition. The waste residue mainly comes from the mixture separated from the concrete tankers and mixers after washing, in which the main component is sand and gravel.

ZOOMJO concrete mixing plant in shipment

Noise problem: Noise is mainly divided into two types: fixed noise and mobile noise. Fixed noise comes from the noise of mechanical equipment such as air compressor, belt conveyor, distributor, ventilator, dust collector and mixer reamer. Mobile noise comes from gravel loaders, powder and aggregate transporters and concrete tankers.

For the environmental problems of traditional concrete mixing plant, we can take the following improvement measures:

Dust treatment: Set up automatic car washers in the plant area to prevent dust from being brought into the plant by automatically washing the concrete tankers, powder and granular material transporters and aggregate trucks. The whole plant area (except the green area) is hardened to reduce the dust raised by exposed wind. Aggregate is transported in a fully enclosed way, and special dust removal equipment is equipped to centralize the treatment and recovery of dust.

Waste water and residue treatment: The concrete mixing plant should be equipped with a sand separator and a matching filter press. The separated sand and gravel can be reused directly, while the separated powder slurry can be pressed into lumps through the filter press. The waste water can be recycled after the water reuse device to achieve zero waste water and slag pollution.

Noise control: A fully enclosed system is adopted, including enclosing the entire mixing plant and encasing the main machine with sound insulation panels, as well as an enclosed material yard with hollow bricks for sound insulation. Improve the design of the mixer, improve the manufacturing precision, and adopt a new type of reducer and transmission system to effectively reduce noise. Introduction of gas-hydraulic buffer cylinder to reduce the noise generated by the impact at the end of the stroke. Greening the office and living areas of the plant, choosing shrubs and trees that can suppress dust and reduce noise, and planting trees around the plant to reduce noise transmission.

Concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers

ZOOMJO GROUP currently sells a wide range of mixing plants, including stationary, mobile, hopper, belt, dry, wet and compact concrete mixing plants. These plants are designed with the latest technology and are more environmentally friendly than traditional plants. If you have doubts about the environmental performance of concrete mixing plant, ZOOMJO GROUP is the best choice for you.

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