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Causes & Solutions Of Measurement Errors In Concrete Mixing Plant

2023-05-17 17:59

Concrete batching plant is one of the commonly used equipment in construction projects for the preparation of concrete materials. However, during the operation of a concrete mixing plant, metering errors may occur, i.e. deviations between the weighed value of the concrete batch and the actual value. Such errors may lead to unstable quality of concrete, which may adversely affect the construction progress and quality of the project. The causes of measurement errors in concrete mixing plants can be attributed to human factors, electrical factors and insufficient structural rigidity of the equipment.

Human Factors

Human factors are an important cause of metering errors. In the batching process of concrete mixing plant, manual operation is an indispensable part. However, there may be errors between the actual batching quantity and the set value due to the varying dryness and wetness of the aggregates or the influence of the loader loading. In addition, after the weighing of the material, a part of the material still falls from the air into the weighing hopper, which is called water droplets. In order to improve the dosage accuracy, a drop value is usually set for the material to be corrected. However, due to human factors, the actual drop value may deviate from the set value, thus causing metering errors. To solve this problem, a shelter can be added above the material yard, dosage machine and inclined belt conveyor to improve the drainage function of the material yard and avoid the wetting or exposure to rain after feeding, so as to reduce the dry and wet difference in the dosage process.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

Electrical Factors

Electrical factors are also an important cause of measurement errors in concrete mixing plants. Measurement problems are one of the most difficult problems to deal with in the electrical system of a mixing plant. When other electrical problems occur, such as a particular motor or solenoid valve not working, the problem can be found by looking at the drawings and following the wiring. Measurement problems, however, involve more complex causes. Some problems are the electrical manifestation of mechanical problems, such as a jammed scale bucket causing the sensor to not work and display a zero, and others are unstable signals caused by outside interference. Electrical problems may include faulty sensor wiring, aging sensors, faulty wiring, and faulty instrumentation. After eliminating mechanical faults, these electrical problems need to be eliminated step by step to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system. For sensor line failure or aging, the sensor connection line can be checked for damage or poor contact, and the damaged parts can be replaced in time. For wiring errors, the electrical wiring diagram needs to be carefully checked to ensure that all connections are correct. In addition, if the instrument itself is found to be faulty, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Insufficient structural rigidity of the equipment

Insufficient structural rigidity of the equipment is also a factor leading to measurement errors. The load cells in concrete mixing plants are usually mounted on a supporting steel structure to measure the weight of the concrete. However, when the weighing hopper is loaded, the supporting steel structure may deform and spring back after unloading, causing additional harmful deformation of the load cell, which sends an incorrect signal. In this case, the measurement value will keep jumping and the value will continue to change during discharging. To solve this problem, consider increasing the stiffness of the supporting steel structure and using stronger materials or structural designs to reduce the effect of deformation on the weighing.

The causes of measurement errors in concrete mixing plants mainly include human factors, electrical factors and insufficient structural rigidity of the equipment. In the operation process, the influence of human factors should be minimized and the batching accuracy should be improved by adding a shelter and other means. In terms of electrical system, it is necessary to carefully investigate the sensor line fault and instrument fault to ensure the normal operation of electrical system. At the same time, attention should be paid to the rigidity of equipment structure and measures should be taken to strengthen the stability of supporting steel structure to reduce the influence of deformation on metering. By solving these problems comprehensively, the metering accuracy of concrete mixing plant can be improved to ensure the stability of concrete quality and the smooth progress of engineering construction.

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