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How To Pump Concrete?

Concrete pumping is an efficient, reliable and economical way to supply and pour liquid concrete to specific locations where other modes of transportation are inconvenient. This article introduces the working principle, operation method and common types of concrete pumping, including ground pumps and boom pumps. Their features and application scenarios are described in detail, as well as how to choose the right type of concrete pumping.
2023-04-26 14:27

Common Types Of Concrete Pumps & Their Characteristics

A concrete pump is a type of equipment that conveys concrete and can improve efficiency and convenience when conveying concrete. This article introduces the various types of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pumps, concrete mixer pumps, concrete boom pumps, truck-mounted concrete mixer pumps, concrete transfer pump trucks, small concrete pumps, portable concrete pumps and specialized pumps, to help you choose the best concrete pump for your project.
2023-04-26 11:15

Can Concrete Pumps Work In Cold Weather?

When the temperature drops, the use of concrete pumps may be limited. In this article, we provide some suggestions and strategies to ensure the safe use of concrete pumps in cold weather. These include the use of hot water preheating mixtures, preheating equipment, frost protection treatments and employee preparation. Following these recommendations will improve the efficiency and quality of concrete construction.
2023-04-25 15:37

Excellent Concrete Pump Company Recommendation

This article introduces the key players in the global concrete pump market, including Sany Heavy Industries, ZOOMJO GROUP and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. in China, and Putzmeister and SCHWING GmBH in Germany. it is a good reference for those who want to understand the global concrete pump market and the construction machinery industry.
2023-04-25 14:25

What Is The Concrete Transfer Pump Truck?

Concrete pump truck is an important equipment widely used in building construction, with good pumping performance, large distribution range, flexibility and convenient transfer characteristics. In this article, we will introduce the features, application scope and advantages of concrete pump truck in detail to understand the comprehensive information of concrete pump truck, improve the construction efficiency and reduce the waste of manpower and material resources.
2023-04-25 14:02

What Is The Concrete Pump?

This article introduces the structural features of concrete pumps, the differences between piston type, hydraulic diaphragm type and mechanical type, and the occasions of concrete pump applications in construction projects. Concrete pump has the advantages of high efficiency, saving time and manpower, which can quickly transport concrete to the required location and improve the efficiency. If you need to know about concrete pumps, this article will provide you with useful references.
2023-04-25 11:51

The Historical Evolution, Characteristics & Future Development Trend Of Concrete Pump

This paper describes the historical evolution of concrete pumps, including hand trucks, vats, unicycles and pipe pumping, as well as the features of modern concrete pumps, such as faster pumping speeds, easier lifting of buckets, and constant concrete flow. In addition, the important role of concrete pumps in infrastructure projects and future trends are discussed.
2023-04-25 10:55

How To Choose The Right Concrete Pumps?

Concrete pumps play an important role in completing concrete pouring jobs. However, how to choose the right concrete pump for you is a question that requires a combination of various factors. This article will share how to choose the right concrete pump based on factors such as building type, characteristics, conveying distance, construction plan and concrete pump model.
2023-04-24 16:28

What Are The Common Types Of Concrete Pumps?

Concrete pumps are equipment used to transport liquid concrete on construction sites. This article describes the types of mobile and stationary concrete pumps, as well as other types such as small concrete pumps, mini concrete pumps, concrete pump trucks and concrete mixers with pumps.
2023-04-24 15:32
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