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Causes And Solutions Of Concrete Pump Clogging

To avoid pipe clogging, it is important to use concrete pumps correctly. This article describes five key methods, including wetting the pipes, securing the lines, preventing air entry, cleaning and maintenance, and the importance of paying attention to pipe diameter and length.
2023-04-28 16:33

ZOOMJO Explains The Whole Process From Production To Delivery Of Concrete Plants

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete equipment in China. When manufacturing equipment, we provide customized solutions for our customers and focus on production standards and quality management. If you want to know the whole process of equipment production to delivery, this article will give you detailed answers.
2023-04-28 16:02

How To Operate Concrete Mixing Pump?

To improve the efficiency of building construction, concrete mixing pump is an essential equipment. This article introduces the operation of concrete mixing pumps, including steps such as piping arrangement, starting the equipment and loading concrete. By mastering these skills and experiences, operators can easily control the equipment for efficient and fast construction.
2023-04-28 15:19

The Difference Between Concrete Mixer Pump And Trailer Pump

This paper introduces the definition of concrete mixer pumps and trailer pumps and their application scenarios in construction projects, discusses the differences between them and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The importance of maintenance and servicing to ensure the performance and longevity of the equipment is also mentioned.
2023-04-28 14:46

Notes On The Operation Of Concrete Trailer Pump

Understanding the operation precautions and maintenance methods of concrete trailer pump can help you avoid equipment failure and pipeline clogging problems, and ensure the construction progress and quality.ZOOMJO concrete trailer pump adopts advanced technology and high quality materials, and has strong pumping capacity and stable performance, which can be competent in various complex construction tasks. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, safe and reliable, it is one of the essential equipment in construction projects.
2023-04-27 15:00

How To Commission The Concrete Trailer Pump?

Concrete trailer pump is an indispensable equipment for large concrete projects. Before operation, the equipment needs to be commissioned. This article details three aspects of concrete trailer pump commissioning: hydraulic system, electrical inspection and pump inspection. Among them, the hydraulic system is the core part of the concrete trailer pump, and the commissioning is very critical. Through the introduction of this article, you can get an in-depth understanding of how to commission the concrete trailer pump to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.
2023-04-27 14:30

The Popular Truck-Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump On The Market

ZOOMJO truck-mounted concrete mixer pump is a popular mobile equipment with autonomous driving power and efficient concrete mixing and pumping system, which can improve construction efficiency. It adopts electrical components and hydraulic system of world famous brands, and has many advantages such as fully enclosed electrical control box and independent forced cooling and heat dissipation to ensure safe and convenient operation. If you are looking for efficient, reliable and safe truck-mounted concrete mixer pump, ZOOMJO will be your first choice.
2023-04-27 14:05

Specifications & Guidelines For Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping is an integral part of large construction projects, and this article describes the specifications and guidelines that need to be understood and followed before pumping.
2023-04-27 11:23

How Many Workers Are Involved When Working With Concrete Mixer Pumps?

Concrete mixer pumps can deliver concrete to the construction site efficiently, saving time, labor, materials and energy. But how many workers are involved in the work of a concrete mixer pump?ZOOMJO answers your questions with an in-depth explanation of the roles and tasks of each worker during the work of a concrete mixer pump, and an introduction to ZOOMJO's concrete mixer pump product range.
2023-04-27 10:23
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