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Concrete Pump Equipment & Accessories List Introduction

2023-05-18 15:50

When purchasing a concrete pump, there are a series of accessories and spare parts that are indispensable in addition to the equipment itself. These accessories and spare parts exist to facilitate the use of the equipment by the customer and to ensure its proper operation. In this article, we use our ZOOMJO GROUP's concrete pump equipment list as an example of what is included in a complete set of equipment when purchasing a concrete pump.

Concrete pump

The concrete pump is the main equipment in the concrete pumping process and it provides the main power needed to pump concrete.


Piping is an important part of the concrete pump working process, through which the concrete can be transported to where it is needed. We will attach pipes with lengths from 60 to 100 meters, depending on the pump model, to meet most of the needs of our customers on site.

Cleaning balls

The cleaning ball has two main functions. First, it cleans and maintains the pipeline after pumping is completed for the next use. Secondly, when a pipe becomes clogged, it can be unclogged by adding a cleaning ball and a large amount of water. However, most of our pumps are equipped with a pump back function that can easily unclog clogged pipes, so cleaning the pipes with a cleaning ball is more commonly used.

Remote Control

A remote control makes it easier to operate the equipment. We offer both wired and wireless remote control options. The wireless remote control has a control range of about 100 meters, allowing users to operate the equipment from a longer distance.

Other Accessories

In addition to the main components mentioned above, we also include a toolbox, washers and other common small accessories for daily use. The toolbox provides common tools for users to repair and maintain when needed. The gaskets and other small accessories play an important role in the installation and adjustment process of the equipment.

In addition, we provide English manuals to help customers better set up and use the equipment. The manuals provide detailed operating instructions and maintenance guidelines so that customers can fully understand the functions and operating procedures of the equipment.

When purchasing a concrete pump, a complete equipment list and parts support is crucial. The presence of these accessories and spare parts increases the availability, ease of operation and maintenance efficiency of the equipment. We are committed to providing our customers with a complete range of high quality concrete pump equipment, and by providing the relevant accessories and support, we ensure that they are able to use the equipment to its full potential and achieve superior performance and results.

ZOOMJO diesel electric concrete mixer pump

ZOOMJO is a well-known manufacturer of concrete equipment, and its concrete trailer pump series are highly recognized by the industry and praised by users. zOOMJO concrete trailer pumps are available in diesel and electric types, providing users with more choices and flexibility to adapt to different site requirements.

Diesel concrete trailer pump is powered by diesel engine, which has strong power output and high pumping capacity. It is suitable for construction sites far away from power supply and can operate independently in environments where there is no power supply. Diesel concrete trailer pump usually adopts high performance diesel engine, which has stable and reliable performance and excellent durability, adapting to various complex construction conditions.

Electric concrete trailer pumps, on the other hand, use electric motors as the power source and are environmentally friendly, low-noise and energy efficient. It can work through power supply and is suitable for the situation where there is a stable power supply around the construction site. The electric concrete trailer pump is easy to operate and maintain, and can pump quickly and efficiently with less noise and pollution in the site environment.

Whether you need to work in remote areas or pump concrete in urban construction, ZOOMJO concrete trailer pumps offer the ideal solution for you. By choosing the diesel or electric type that suits your needs, you can get an efficient, reliable and adaptable concrete pumping equipment that will help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and achieve smooth construction.

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