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ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps
ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps

ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps

The Electric Concrete Trailer Pump is a modern architectural machine which is fixed on trailer and pumps concrete through pipes. It has many merits such as safety working, high efficiency, high quality and low cost and it doesn't pollute the environment.ZBT40D-10--45 can deliver concrete to about 140 meters in height and 500 meter in length.
Max concrete output:
Max.concrete pumping pressure:
Maximum throughput vertical/horizontal:
Electrical engineering power:
Max. aggregate diameter:

ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps Product Description

Electric concrete trailer pump is a kind of dragging concrete pump, a new type of concrete conveying equipment, which is used for conveying and pouring work in concrete construction. It adopts electric power, which can transport concrete to the designated construction site and put concrete evenly to the construction site, thus improving the construction efficiency.

Usage Scenarios

ZBT series Trailer concrete pumps can transport concrete with aggregate size of 4cm and below, with a displacement range from 24m³/h to 100m³/h.The electric concrete trailer pump has a wide range of use scenarios, not only for construction sites, but also for concrete placement in bridge projects, highway construction, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other large projects. It has the advantages of high flexibility, convenient operation, good mixing effect, safety and reliability, simple maintenance, etc.

Product Structure

The structure of electric concrete trailer pump is composed of main unit, hydraulic system, control system, bracket, mixing system etc. It has the features of compact structure, convenient operation, good concrete placing effect, long concrete placing distance, safety and reliability, etc. 

ZBT40D Electric Trailer Concrete Pump Truck Structure Diagram

The electric concrete trailer pump produced by ZOOMJO has these advantages.

Power unit

There are multiple power units to choose from. The power unit of concrete pump is usually electric driven or diesel driven, depending on the model of the pump, different power motors or diesel engines are used.

Electrical system

The electric control system of electric concrete pump adopts OMRON programmable PLC, the line is simplified, the control is stable and reliable, the whole series is equipped with wireless remote control as standard, the operation is flexible and convenient.

Hydraulic system.

Our hydraulic system adopts electric control system, the system is mature and simple, low failure rate, the oil pump and valve group use famous brand products, mature technology, stable performance. This is the core system of the pump, the concrete pump can hit the concrete to dozens of floors of high buildings relying on the principle of hydraulic system.

Pumping system

Concrete pumping system, consisting of the main cylinder, delivery cylinder, piston and water tank, is the main component of the concrete pumping system.The parts use new materials and processes, and the service life of the conveying piston has increased significantly, and the service life of the spectacle plate and cutting ring has increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

Cooling system

It consists of air cooling and water cooling system, double cooling to ensure that the motor will not burn out, so that the concrete pump can realize long time continuous pumping.

Lubrication system that

Protect the transmission system of pumping machine and make it run more smoothly. The whole series adopts automatic centralized lubrication, high oil supply pressure, uniform oil supply, lubrication effect is guaranteed.

Structure material

The machine cover is made of thickened steel plate, which is wear-resistant and can better protect the core parts of the pump machine. The frame adopts thickened stainless steel square tube welding, stable and firm. The chassis of the concrete pump adopts trailer axle design, which is easy to move and convenient to transfer. The hopper adopts wider and wider setting, and the 30 degree inclined design is more convenient for loading.

ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pump Parts

Should I choose electric or diesel concrete trailer pump?

Mainly based on the construction area power factors to consider, if the external power is sufficient and convenient, you can choose the electric version of the concrete trailer pump, the cost of electricity is lower than diesel. Diesel concrete trailer pumps can be used in any construction site especially where there is no electricity, or where the power supply is unstable, such as river areas, tunnels, remote mountainous areas, etc.

Features of ZOOMJO's electric concrete trailer pump.

1. High pumping efficiency, the actual pumping efficiency reaches more than 80% of the theoretical value

2. Cost saving, it is much cheaper than concrete boom truck.

2. simple operation, the operator only needs to master certain operation skills to complete the operation of the trailer pump

3. easy maintenance, the electric towing pump does not need regular fuel replacement, only regular inspection.

4, good environmental protection, the electric towing pump does not produce harmful gases, in line with environmental requirements.

5, easy to move; the machine has wheels, we can use the car to tow it to another workplace.

The electric concrete trailer pump can achieve high efficiency when mixing concrete, which makes the concrete quality better. Our electric concrete trailer pump has been sold to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and many other regions and countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. The feedback from customers are very good, not only saving cost, but also improving construction efficiency, and getting good reputation of our products.

As a professional concrete pump supplier, ZOOMJO is committed to providing fixed concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete mixing plant, foundationless concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing pump, concrete trailer pump, self-discharging concrete mixer, etc. If you have any questions about concrete mixing equipment, you can communicate with us at any time, welcome your consultation.

ZBT40D Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps Configuration

Max. concrete output (m3/h)53/2961/3898/59
Max.concrete pumping pressure (MPa)12/612/712.5/7.5
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke(mm)180/1300200/1650200/1800
Hopper volume (m3)
Outlet diameter(mm)125180180
Electrical engineering power(KW)6682129
Rotate speed(r/min)220022002200
Pumping system pressure(MPa)323232
Mixing system pressure(MPa)101010
Max mixing speed(r/min)252525
Capacity of oil tank(L)9090150
Maximum conveying distance(m)120/500180/1000260/1200
Max. aggregate diameter(mm)404050
lnside diameter of delivering pipe(mm)125150180
Total weight(kg)350042005800
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