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JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers

JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers

The electric concrete mixer is a machine commonly used on construction sites and concrete production lines. It is mainly composed of an electric motor, a transmission device, a mixing drum and a base. The electric motor drives the drum to rotate at high speed through the drive unit to mix the concrete evenly, mainly for mixing and stirring concrete, mortar, plaster and other construction materials.
150-180 m³/h
113 kw
Rotation speed:
35 r/m
Maximum aggregate size:
80/60 mm
Applicable Materials:
sand, pebbles, stones, cement, fly ash additives etc.

JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers Product Description

Electric concrete mixer is a kind of equipment widely used in construction sites, with the characteristics of uniform mixing, high production efficiency, simple structure, convenient operation, strong adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Working principle

The electric concrete mixer puts raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel and water into the hopper of the mixer, then turns on the motor to drive the mixing cylinder to rotate and mix the raw materials evenly to finally make concrete. The mixing speed, rotation speed and time of the concrete mixer can be adjusted according to the requirements of the concrete in order to achieve the best mixing effect.

Component structure

The electric concrete mixer consists of a hopper, mixing cylinder, transmission device, motor, support frame, vibration damping device and hydraulic system. The main component is the mixing cylinder, which is designed with a special spiral shape inside to mix the raw material quickly and evenly. The drive unit transmits the power from the motor to the mixing drum, the support frame supports the whole machine, the vibration dampening device reduces the vibration of the machine during mixing and the hydraulic system controls the lifting and lowering of the machine.

Electric concrete mixer Structure

Application areas

Electric concrete mixers are widely used in roads, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects, construction and other fields. Its main function is to mix the raw materials evenly and make concrete, which facilitates the construction of the site.

Functional features

1. The electric concrete mixer is designed with a special mixing cylinder to mix the raw materials quickly and evenly to produce high quality concrete.

2. The electric control system is automatic and greatly improves the production efficiency.

3. The electric concrete mixer has a simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain.

4. Suitable for mixing all kinds of raw materials and can make different kinds of concrete.

Operation & Maintenance

The electric concrete mixer is a large piece of mechanical equipment and needs to be operated in a safe environment. The following are a few precautions for safe operation.

1. Before operation, all parts of the equipment should be carefully checked for normal operation and the presence of abnormal sounds, vibrations, etc.

2. Pay attention to the safety distance when operating to prevent being caught by the mixing cylinder and hopper.

3. Clean the concrete residues in the mixing drum and hopper after use to avoid corrosion of the equipment.

4. Check the bolts and fasteners of the equipment regularly to ensure that the overall structure of the equipment is intact.

ZOOMJO's electric concrete mixers have gained wide recognition and praise in both domestic and international markets for their high efficiency, stability and energy saving performance. Our Concrete Mixing Equipment are exported to overseas, such as Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions. As a leading concrete mixer supplier in the industry, we focus on product quality and after-sales service, and constantly improve the performance of our products to meet the needs of our customers.

JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixers Configuration

JS3000 Concrete Mixer150-180113
JS2000 Concrete Mixer80-10077
JS1500 Concrete Mixer75-9065.5
JS1000 Concrete Mixer5051
JS750 Concrete Mixer30-3539
JS500 Concrete Mixer20-2525
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixer25-3025
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer20-2522
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer10-1516
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