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ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete mixing plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment that can be moved. It concentrates the batching system, mixing system, storage, discharge and automatic control system in a trailer unit and moves the plant by trailer. The mobile concrete mixing plant adopts forced twin-shaft mixer as the main machine, which has the features of short mixing time, fast discharge, uniform mixing and high productivity. It can produce various types of concrete, including plastic concrete and hardened concrete, and its production quality is reliable.
Mixer Discharging Capacity:
Discharging Height:
Aggregate Bins Capacity:

ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Product Description

What is a Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant?

Mobile concrete mixing plant is a kind of equipment that can be quickly and easily moved to different construction sites for concrete production. It is a concrete production plant with integrated raw material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and fully automatic control system that allows concrete production and supply on site at the construction site, avoiding transportation time and costs. It is identical to the fixed automatic mixing plant in terms of process, operation and maintenance, and has unique features such as flexible movement, quick and easy disassembly, and simple storage and management.

Mobile concrete mixing plant

Wide range of applications

As a portable concrete production equipment, the mobile concrete mixing plant is flexible and efficient, so it is widely used in various engineering construction fields. In urban construction, it can be used for the production and supply of concrete for roads, bridges, tunnels, municipal projects and residential construction; in rural construction, it can be used for the production and supply of concrete in agricultural construction, water conservancy projects and rural roads; in the energy industry, it can be used for the production and supply of concrete in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas and mining. The mobile concrete mixing plant has a wide range of applications and can meet the production and supply of concrete of various sizes and demands.

Mobile concrete mixing plant usually consists of the following equipment:

Cement silo
Cement silo
Used for storing raw materials
Suitable for storing various bulk building materials such as cement, fly ash, etc. The tank is equipped with material level system, stainless steel shell is waterproof, rustproof and leakproof, not easy to corrode, long service life, and can be customized with various models.
 Conveyor Machine
Conveyor machine
Convey raw materials from the hopper to the mixer
The powders available for concrete are mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. The commonly used powder conveying method is screw conveyor conveying, the advantages of screw conveying are simple structure, low cost and reliable use.
Twin Shaft Forced Concrete Mixer
Concrete mixer
For mixing raw materials
Double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is the mainstream mixer used in mixing plants at home and abroad, which can mix a variety of concrete such as fluidity, semi-dry hardness and dry hardness. The mixer has reasonable design, short mixing time and low consumption, and it is durable with wear-resistant materials.
 PLD aggregate batching machine
PLD aggregate batching machine
For metering, batching and control of aggregates
Accurate measurement and mixing of goodThe aggregate batching machine( The storagebins is generally 2 to 4)The capacity of storage bins is 4m3-6m3( Single bucket capacity)
 Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor
Automatically conveying aggregates to the mixing plant
Automatically conveying aggregates to the mixing plant. Concrete mixing plant conveying system has the advantages of fast conveying speed, stability and reliability, easy operation, etc.
Control System
Control system
Used to control the operation of the whole plant
The control system of the mixing plant is the central nerve of the whole set of equipment. The control system has different functions and configurations according to different requirements of users and the size of the mixing plant.

The working principle of portable mobile concrete mixing plant is that the raw materials (cement, stone, sand, water and admixture) are taken out from the storage tank, measured accurately by the weighing system and then sent to the mixer for mixing through the conveying equipment (such as screw conveyor). The mixer is equipped with several mixing shafts with mixing arms and blades, which mix the raw materials thoroughly and discharge the concrete to the transport vehicle through the discharge device. The whole process is controlled and monitored by an automatic control system to ensure the quality and productivity of the concrete. Mobile concrete mixing plants are efficient, portable and reliable, and are widely used in projects that require frequent transfers, short construction cycles and small concrete requirements.

Structure diagram of mobile concrete mixing plant

ZOOMJO offers mobile concrete mixing plants in the capacity range of 25-120m³/h and supports customization. There are two types of mobile concrete mixing plants: towed and trailer-mounted. Among them, the chassis of the tractor type contains complete front and rear axles, while the chassis of the trailer type has only the rear axle with the front mounted on the saddle axle of the tractor. Our machines are manufactured in strict accordance with national and international standards, and we test each unit before it leaves the factory.

Mobile concrete mixing plant usually has the following advantages:

1. Portable mobile concrete batching plant can be moved and installed anywhere and anytime, which can meet the concrete needs of different construction sites and improve the construction efficiency.

2. Mobile concrete mixing plant has high efficiency concrete production capacity, which can produce a large amount of concrete in a short time and improve the production efficiency.

3. The mobile cement concrete mixing plant can ensure the uniform mixing and quality of concrete, thus improving the quality of concrete and construction quality.

4. Mobile concrete mixing station is usually equipped with modern control system, which can realize automatic control and remote monitoring, easy management and stable and reliable production process.

Mobile concrete mixing plant product details

Mobile concrete mixing plant and stationary mixing plant are two common types of equipment in concrete production. There are some differences and discrepancies between them in terms of working principle, equipment composition, application scope, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

1. Mobile concrete mixing plant can be moved to the site where concrete production is needed anytime and anywhere, while fixed mixing plant needs to establish a concrete production base near the site, which has certain requirements for the site.

2. Mobile concrete mixing plant is usually small in size and suitable for use in the case of limited space on the construction site, while fixed mixing plant is relatively large and suitable for use in the case of sufficient space on the construction site.

3. The mobile concrete mixing plant can adjust the production capacity according to the needs and has production flexibility, while the production capacity of fixed mixing plant is relatively fixed and not easy to adjust.

4. The investment cost of mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively low, which is suitable for small projects and small and medium-sized enterprises, while the investment cost of fixed mixing plant is high, which is suitable for large projects and enterprises with sufficient capital.

Mobile concrete mixing plant construction site

Maintaining the equipment is the key to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the mobile concrete mixing plant. Regular maintenance can reduce equipment failure, improve equipment efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

1. Regularly clean the interior and exterior of the equipment to ensure that concrete does not accumulate inside the equipment and lubricate the lubrication points on the equipment to ensure the good operation of the equipment.

2. Check the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system of the equipment regularly to ensure the normal operation of all parts of the equipment, find problems and repair them in time.

3. Replace the wearing parts, such as mixer blades, mixing arms, belts, etc., regularly according to the use of the equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

4. For each part of the equipment, follow the instructions in the operation manual for maintenance to ensure the neatness and safety of the equipment.

How to choose mobile concrete mixing plant?

Production capacity: When choosing a concrete mixing plant you should consider the production capacity you need. Select the appropriate production capacity according to the size of your project and the expected production requirements.

Mixing Efficiency: Mixing efficiency is an important consideration because it can directly affect production capacity and concrete quality. A mixing plant with high mixing efficiency can improve concrete production efficiency and quality.

Concrete quality: The quality of concrete is a key factor affecting the quality of the project. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable quality mixing plant.

After-sales service: When choosing a mixing plant, you need to consider after-sales service. Choosing a manufacturer with high brand recognition and perfect after-sales service can effectively reduce the after-sales maintenance cost and improve the service life of the equipment.

The best manufacturer of mobile concrete mixing plants

ZOOMJO was established in 1995, with 28 years of experience, and is the leader of China's machinery industry. It has advanced factory technology and excellent trading ability. We can provide fixed concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete mixing plant, foundationless concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing pump, concrete drag pump, self-unloading concrete mixer, etc. to our customers. Our products have been delivered to more than 105 countries and regions, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica, Dominica, Australia, etc.

ZJY-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Configuration

ModelHZS / ZJ25HZS / ZJ35HZS / ZJ50HZS / ZJ60HZS / ZJ75HZS / ZJ90HZS / ZJ120HZS / ZJ180HZS / ZJ240
Concrete mixerJS 500JS750JS1000JS1000JS1500JS1500JS2000JS3000JS4000
Mixer discharging capacity0.5m³0.75m³1m³1m³1.5m³1.5m³2m³3m³4m³
Feeding ModeLift HopperLift HopperLift HopperBelt ConveyorLift HopperBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt Conveyor
Aggregate batching machinePLD800PLD1000PLD1600PLD1600PLD2400PLD2400PLD3200PLD4800PLD6400
Kinds of aggregate2/3/42/3/43/43/4/53/43/4/53/4/53/4/53/4/5
Max aggregate size80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm
Discharging height3.8m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.3m4.3m4.3m
Aggregate weighing accuracy±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%
Cement weighting accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Water weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Additive weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
General installed power≈65kw≈75kw≈100kw≈110kw≈140kw≈160kw≈220kw≈290kw≈340kw
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