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Environmental Problems & Solutions Of Traditional Concrete Mixing Plant

Conventional concrete mixing plants suffer from environmental problems such as dust, waste water sludge and noise. It is vital to understand the causes of these problems and to take measures to improve and protect them.
2023-05-20 16:05

Concrete Batching Plant Selection Guide

This paper discusses the key elements of concrete mixing plants in building construction, including capacity, automation, construction efficiency, quality certification, and accessories. By considering these key elements together and selecting the concrete mixing plant that best suits the needs of the project, construction efficiency can be improved and concrete quality ensured.
2023-05-19 14:36

Concrete Batching Methods: Comparison Between Weight Vs Volume Batching

The method of concrete batching is crucial for concrete performance and construction results. Understanding the difference between weight and volume batching and their applicability in different projects is key.
2023-05-18 17:19

Concrete Pump Equipment & Accessories List Introduction

When purchasing a concrete pump, there are a series of accessories and spare parts that are indispensable in addition to the equipment itself. This article uses ZOOMJO GROUP's concrete pump equipment list as an example of what is included when purchasing a concrete pump, including pipes, cleaning balls, remote controls and other accessories.
2023-05-18 15:50

How Concrete Mixing Plants Works?

This paper describes the workflow of a concrete mixing plant, including the batching, mixing and blending steps, highlighting its impact on concrete quality. The advantages of the ZOOMJO concrete mixing plant are also presented, including key components such as the belt conveyor with a waterproof and dustproof semi-enclosed design and the JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer.
2023-05-18 11:52

Causes & Solutions Of Measurement Errors In Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing plants often have metering errors in the preparation of concrete materials, which affect the construction progress and quality of the project. This paper discusses the main causes of metering errors, including human factors, electrical factors and insufficient structural rigidity of equipment, and proposes solutions.
2023-05-17 17:59

The 5 Most Worthwhile Investments In Concrete Equipment

Concrete equipment is an important object that investors should consider. This article introduces the 5 best concrete equipment worth investing in, including concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, concrete pump, self-dumping concrete mixer and concrete mixing pump, learn about the features and advantages of these equipment and choose the right concrete equipment for your investment.
2023-05-16 17:10

The Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-loading concrete mixers are an indispensable piece of equipment in concrete production. Choosing the best brand and model is essential to improve productivity and control costs. zOOMJO is a well-known manufacturer of self-loading concrete mixers, offering high quality, technical process advantages and a wide selection of models, as well as supporting customization services.
2023-05-15 17:41

How Much Does A Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Cost?

This paper introduces the price factors of self-loading concrete mixer and its influencing factors, and points out the need to consider various factors such as usage cost, maintenance cost and service life when choosing the product.
2023-05-12 18:02
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