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JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers

JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers

JZR series reversible concrete mixer belongs to double cone reversing, free fall, mobile cement, mortar and grout mixer. The mixing cylinder is driven by gear or friction wheel, rotating clockwise when mixing and counterclockwise when discharging, with reasonable structure.
10-15 m³/h
16 kw
Rotation speed:
35 r/m
Maximum aggregate size:
80/60 mm
Applicable Materials:
sand, pebbles, stones, cement, fly ash additives etc.

JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers Product Description

Diesel concrete mixer is a kind of equipment widely used in construction sites. It is known for its uniform mixing, high production efficiency, simple structure, easy operation, strong adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection.

Working Principle

Diesel concrete mixer puts raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel and water into the hopper of the mixer, and then turns on the motor to drive the mixing cylinder to rotate and mix the raw materials evenly to finally make concrete.

Component Structure

Diesel concrete mixer is composed of hopper, mixing cylinder, transmission device, motor, support frame, shock absorption device and hydraulic system. Among them, the mixing cylinder is the main component with special spiral shape design inside, which can mix the raw materials quickly and evenly. The transmission device transmits the power from the motor to the mixing cylinder, the support frame is used to support the whole equipment, the vibration damping device can reduce the vibration of the equipment when mixing, and the hydraulic system is used to control the lifting of the equipment.

Diesel concrete mixer Structure

Application areas

Diesel concrete mixer is widely used in road, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy project, construction and other fields. It can mix the raw materials evenly to make concrete and provide convenience for the construction site.

Function Features

Diesel concrete mixer adopts special barrel design, which can mix the raw materials quickly and evenly to make high quality concrete; the electric control system realizes automatic control, which greatly improves the production efficiency; the structure is simple and easy to operate and maintain; it is suitable for mixing various raw materials and can make different kinds of concrete.

Operation & Maintenance

Diesel concrete mixer is a kind of larger mechanical equipment, which needs to be operated in a safe environment. During the operation, attention should be paid to the mixing speed, rotation speed and time of concrete, and reasonable adjustment should be made according to the ratio and nature of concrete to ensure the quality and stability of concrete. When the equipment fails, it should be shut down and overhauled in time to avoid the expansion of the failure to affect the life and effect of the equipment. Regularly check the bolts, fasteners and other parts of the equipment to ensure that the overall structure of the equipment is intact.

In the diesel concrete mixer industry, ZOOMJO has been keeping the leading position, and our products have become the first choice of customers at home and abroad. We keep developing and improving the performance of our products to provide our customers with more efficient, stable and energy-saving mixers, and we also export our concrete mixers to many countries and regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixers Configuration

Model Capacity(m3/h) Power(KW)
JS3000 Concrete Mixer 150-180 113
JS2000 Concrete Mixer 80-100 77
JS1500 Concrete Mixer 75-90 65.5
JS1000 Concrete Mixer 50 51
JS750 Concrete Mixer 30-35 39
JS500 Concrete Mixer 20-25 25
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixer 25-30 25
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer 20-25 22
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer 10-15 16
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