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Diesel Concrete Pumps For Sale Powerful Pumping Equipment

2023-11-03 11:50

Diesel concrete pump is a powerful concrete pouring equipment, especially suitable for high-rise concrete pumping, with powerful pumping power and compact structure. Compared with electric concrete pumps, diesel concrete pumps for sale completely overcome the problems of height limitation, voltage mismatch and limited availability. It has several advantages such as easy startup, smooth pumping, low energy consumption, high availability and so on, which makes it popular worldwide. There are many manufacturers of diesel concrete pumps in the world, and ZOOMJO from China is unique among them, with rich experience, long production history and high quality products renowned in the industry.

Diesel Engine Concrete Pump

Wide Application of Diesel Concrete Pump.

Concrete pumps are mainly used for pouring concrete to remote or high-rise sites. Diesel concrete pumps are widely used in various construction projects, including bridges, roads, city construction and other construction sites. It is not only capable of delivering concrete mortar with high quality, but also capable of handling cement slurry and fine aggregate concrete, etc.

Common types of diesel concrete pumps

Diesel concrete pumps can be categorized into two common types according to their structure and usage: diesel concrete trailer pump and diesel concrete mixer pump.

concrete line pump structure diagram

Diesel concrete trailer pump: this type of concrete pump consists of a diesel engine, hydraulic system, concrete conveying system and so on. The diesel engine drives the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system drives the concrete conveying system, which conveys the concrete from the concrete mixer or other containers to the designated location. Diesel concrete tractor pump has the features of maneuverability and flexibility, strong adaptability, etc., which is suitable for all kinds of construction sites.

concrete mixer pump structure diagram

Diesel concrete mixer pump: this type of concrete pump integrates mixing and conveying in one, which is composed of diesel engine, hydraulic system, mixing system, concrete conveying system and so on. The diesel engine drives the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system drives the mixing system and the concrete conveying system, which conveys the concrete from the concrete mixer to the specified position. Diesel concrete mixer pump is characterized by easy operation, high efficiency, etc. It is suitable for small-scale projects or construction with limited site conditions.

Hot selling diesel concrete pump

Among ZOOMJO's diesel concrete pumps, 30m3/h and 40m3/h models are highly favored. They adopt advanced S-valve and double-pump double-circuit open hydraulic system, which significantly improves the performance of the pump. The main pumping circuit and the S-valve swing circuit are independent of each other, simplifying the system, prolonging service life, improving reliability and facilitating troubleshooting and diagnosis. In addition, it has a counter-pumping function, which can effectively minimize clogging problems and reduce downtime waiting time.

concrete mixer with pump

In some areas where there is a lack of electricity, diesel concrete pumps become an indispensable choice.ZOOMJO diesel-powered concrete pumps adopt an automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure that the pumps are effectively lubricated during operation. Users can operate the concrete pump by clicking a button or using a remote control, which is very easy.

Meanwhile, ZOOMJO's small diesel concrete pump adopts forced air-cooled large radiator to ensure the working temperature of the hydraulic system is lower than 70 degrees, which protects the mainframe and the hydraulic system to work normally.

Diesel concrete pump model and specification parameters:

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps parameters

Max. concrete output (m3/h)53/2961/3898/59
Max.concrete pumping pressure (MPa)12/612/712.5/7.5
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke(mm)180/1300200/1650200/1800
Hopper volume (m3)
Outlet diameter(mm)125180180
Electrical engineering power(KW)6682129
Rotate speed(r/min)220022002200
Pumping system pressure(MPa)323232
Mixing system pressure(MPa)101010
Max mixing speed(r/min)252525
Capacity of oil tank(L)9090150
Maximum conveying distance(m)120/500180/1000260/1200
Max. aggregate diameter(mm)404050
lnside diameter of delivering pipe(mm)125150180
Total weight(kg)350042005800

Concrete mixer pump parameters

Model ZBJ30C-9-66 ZBJ40C-10-82
Max. concrete output (m3/h) 30/23 40
Concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 9 10
Outlet diameter(mm) 100 150
Electrical engineering power(KW) 66 82
Pumping system pressure(MPa) 28 32
Mixing system pressure(MPa) 10 10
Max mixing speed(r/min) 20 20
Capacity of oil tank(L) 350 350
Discharging capacity of mixer(m³) 0.45 0.45
Mixer productivity(m³/h) 10-14 10-14
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(m) 120/400 150/600
Max. aggregate diameter(mm) 20 Scree:40
lnside diameter of delivering pipe(mm) 100 125
Dimensions:(L*W*H)(mm) 4500x2200x2600 4500x2200x2600
Total weight(kg) 4800 5200

ZOOMJO: China Diesel Concrete Pump Manufacturer :

As one of the professional diesel concrete pump manufacturers in China, we have been committed to producing high quality and high performance diesel concrete pumps with our years of experience. Our machines are designed in accordance with international standards, which makes them highly popular in the market. Nowadays, our products sell well abroad and win a good reputation.

concrete line pump

ZOOMJO has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing construction machinery, and our products have been exported to many countries such as Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, USA, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, etc. ZOOMJO's hot-selling products include self loading and unloading mobile concrete mixer, ready-mixed concrete plant, small concrete mixer, concrete mixer pump, concrete mixer truck, and concrete mixer transportation truck. We are committed to producing and selling the best quality construction equipment for customers all over the world, we welcome customers in need of any type of construction machinery, and we will continue to provide high quality products.

Concrete Pump Customer Delivery Case

ZOOMJO trailer mounted concrete pump for sale in Malaysia

Electric concrete trailer pump shipped to Kyrgyzstan

Jamaica customer buy ZBJ30C diesel concrete mixer pump

Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump and Self-dumping Concrete Mixer Truck sold to Singapore

ZOOMJO Delivers ZBT40C Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump to Colombia

ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer pump sent to Philippines

ZOOMJO diesel concrete pump features and advantages:

1. low failure rate of diesel concrete pumps sold by ZOOMJO ensures the productivity of the pump.

2. the slewing cylinder of our pump is equipped with buffer system, which can reduce the impact on the hydraulic system and improve the equipment life.

3. Easy to move; the machine has wheels and we can tow it to another workplace with a car.

4. Simple operation; operators only need to master certain operating skills to complete the operation of the towing pumps

5. ZOOMJO provides considerate and perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service.

Diesel Concrete Pump Manufacturer

Diesel concrete pump is an indispensable tool for modern construction sites, and its powerful functions and wide range of application areas make it popular.ZOOMJO, as a leader in China's diesel concrete pump manufacturing industry, provides reliable solutions for the global construction industry with its excellent product quality and high quality service. Whether it is a high-rise building or a long-distance project, ZOOMJO's diesel concrete pumps will continue to play their role in promoting the development of the construction industry.

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